What are you doing against gangstalking


Stalking refers to repeated illegal pursuit, stalking, penetrating harassment, threatening and terrorizing a person against their will up to physical and psychological violence.

Usually it is stalking not a clearly delimited individual act. Rather, it consists of a series of acts over a longer period of time, consisting of criminal acts such as defamation, defamation, damage to property, coercion, bodily harm as well Reenactment can exist. Bullying is similar to stalking, but it is not one of them. Sometimes things happen in which those affected feel stalked, but the line of criminal liability has not yet been exceeded.

Many issues in the field of stalking develop out of (ex) relationships. These are common motives Exercise power, dominance and control as well as the excessive need to be perceived by the person concerned, to establish or maintain contact with them. Some stalkers suffer from mental illness or personality disorders.

Stalking is a dynamic process that is also determined by the behavior of those affected. It can remain stable in terms of behavior and frequency, but it can also change qualitatively and quantitatively over time. In rare individual cases, the situation escalates to serious crimes of violence and homicide.

Lots Affected by stalking do not want the stalker to be prosecuted, especially if it is their ex-partner. You just want it to finally stop. To do this, the Advice from a specialist advice center for those affected by stalking be sought in order to adapt one's own behavior together and to plan one's own steps.

If the stalker realizes a criminal offense and / or creates a dangerous situation for those affected, the police should always be called in. This is what you all set available options in order to ensure adequate protection of victims in addition to effective hazard prevention and criminal prosecution.