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Deftones give update on upcoming album

The Deftones have commented on the state of affairs around their new album on social media. According to drummer Abe Cunningham that is not quite finished, the band now wants to bridge the time until the release with live streams.

On Instagram, Cunningham reported to the Deftones fans with a video message in which he talked about the upcoming new album of his band - and, among other things, blamed the coronavirus pandemic for the fact that the record was not finished yet. "We're mixing it right now," said Cunnigham of the album. "In the current situation, it was recently a little difficult to get us all into one room at the same time - it doesn't work. That's why we're still working on it." He also thanked the fans for the patience.

Cunningham also announced that from now on the Deftones will be holding livestream events "a few times a week" on their official Twitch account to "counter the monotony". Your keyboardist Frank Delgado will start tonight with a live DJ set. Fans in this country have to get up early or stay awake for a long time: The session starts at 8 p.m. local time on the US west coast - which in Germany means 5 a.m. on Saturday morning.

After preliminary work in 2018 with producer Terry Date, the Deftones recorded their new record for the most part in the summer of 2019 and announced a release for 2020, the first half of the year was initially targeted. At the end of February, just before the corona crisis worsened, the band started mixing their next record.

Because of the pandemic, the band had put tourmerch that had become useless in their online shop in order to support their tour crew with the proceeds.

The band's website currently lists dates for the planned European tour in May, June and July. With the ban on major events in Germany until the end of August, which has just been decided by the federal government, at least the appearances in this country should be questionable. Shows at the French Hellfest, the Danish Roskilde and the Belgian Graspop Metal Meeting had already been canceled because the festivals had been postponed to 2021.

The Deftones' current studio album, "Gore", was released in 2016.

Instagram post: Abe Cunningham on the new Deftones album

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