Which level design program should I get

Game design studies

Game consoles such as Playstation, Xbox or Wii, games and apps for smartphones and computers, virtual reality and augmented reality, but also the classic board games - games in all variations are very popular and the possibilities, especially in the digital area, are constantly developing and will always be more unusual. If you see your future in a creative environment, the games industry could be the right choice. Because as a game designer or game developer you have the chance to actively participate in the development of game worlds and virtual realities.

When it comes to computer or video games, many initially think of first-person shooters or shooting games Games are also used more and more in everyday life, e.g. B. in marketing or knowledge transfer, because it is much easier to learn through play. Straight through Augmented reality, so the computer-aided augmented reality, as it is used for example in the game Pokémon Go, but also in advertising, there are still many unused possibilities in the future. Experts are therefore required who are familiar with different techniques and at the same time are able to develop and implement complex worlds or game concepts. Because the games industry is one of the most innovative and fastest growing branches of the creative economy.

Games Design is the right degree for this. The course is usually interdisciplinary and primarily combines design with technology. Management knowledge and scientific background knowledge about the media landscape can also be part of the course. This makes the graduates sought-after all-rounders in the games industry.

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Experience psychology, user testing, design, project management, web programming - these are just some of the contents of the IU's "UX Design" distance learning course. You can find all the details in the information material.