A bassoon is a double reed instrument

Oboe and bassoon

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Our orchestra also includes the oboe and bassoon from the woodwind family. They belong to the double reed instruments, as the sound is generated here with the help of a double reed. The clarinet and the saxophone use a simple reed on a mouthpiece.

The name oboe comes from the French "hautbois" and means tall wood. The oboe is an integral part of a symphony orchestra or a symphonic wind orchestra and, thanks to its characteristic, slightly “nasal” tone, is easy to hear even when the orchestra is full. The oboe is played in C tuning, is approx. 62 cm long and (structurally) is similar to the clarinet.

Actually, the cor anglais should be mentioned next in the tone sequence. Unfortunately it is currently not represented in the modern orchestra. While the oboe plays rather high melodies, the cor anglais sounds in the middle register and plays beautiful, solemn melodies. Usually the cor anglais is played by another oboist. Interested parties are welcome.

The bassoon rounds off the family of "double reeds" in the bass range. Because of the length (2.60 m) the design is kinked. The bassoon is notated in the bass or tenor clef and sounds around two octaves lower in the entire range - making it the lowest instrument in the woodwind group. Its sound can be soft and dry as well as nasal.

The bassoon is represented at least twice in the symphony orchestra and the bassoon has become indispensable in symphonic wind music and should be represented twice in the wind orchestra.

The double reed resembles a straw. Flatten the straw on one side and then cut the flattened ends to a point on both sides. Now take the pointed end between the inwardly curved lips and blow into it with high pressure. A tone that is as even as possible should be produced. The pressure of the lips on the mouthpiece must be adapted to the air pressure. It takes practice - as with any instrument.

By the way, the bagpipes are also played with a double reed. In the orchestra the oboe is also called "crisis staff" by other musicians and the bassoon "gun".

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