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The exemption is only given for electricity generated for self-consumption, and only if the new captive power plant is not a replacement of an older one.
The exemption is only granted for electricity generation for self-consumption and only under the condition that the new power plant no older replaced.

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Any industries located in the jurisdiction of the MP Government, investing in new captive power plants.
According to a September 29, 2004 notification of the MP Government, companies or persons investing in new captive power plants of more than 10 KW capacity can obtain from the MP Electrical Inspectorate a certificate of exemption from electricity duty.
According to a notification from the government of MP dated September 29, 2004, companies or persons active in new self-consumption power plants invest with an output of more than 10 kW, obtain a certificate of exemption from the electricity tax from the Electrical Inspectorate of MP.
The investigation has shown that both investigated exporting producers have set up captive power plants as part of their graphite production units.
The verification revealed that both exporting producers investigated were in their graphite production facilities Self-consumption power plants have erected.
The Group's captive power plants - the hydroelectric and CHP (gas and steam turbine) generating stations in Burghausen and the CHP in Nünchritz - produced 1.5 million MWh.
The own power plants - the gas and steam turbine plant with combined heat and power and the hydropower plant in Burghausen and the Nünchritz thermal power plant - generated 1.5 million MWh.
Groupwide, carbon dioxide emissions from captive power plants subject to emissions trading rules and from silicon-metal production in Holla (Norway) totaled about 1.1 million metric tons in the reporting period (2014: 1.1 million metric tons).
The carbon dioxide emissions from the company's own installations subject to emissions trading for energy generation and silicon-metal production in Holla, Norway, amounted to around 1.1 million tons across the group in the reporting period (2014: 1.1 million tons).
Under the CDM new coal power plants can earn emission credits for improvements in power plant efficiency.
The operational properties of renewable power plants differ from those of conventional power plants.
The power plant manager opens automatically and shows your power plants and raw material.
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The scope of these exemption rules, particularly for captive power generation, is currently the topic of political discussion.
The scope of these exemptions, especially in the case of Own production of electricity, is currently the subject of political discussions.
Company for Construction and Commissioning of Nuclear Power plants.
Concentrating on already existing power plants is our primary goal.
Focusing on the already existing Power plants is our primary goal here.
Business in the Power plants segment remained difficult.
Business in the segment, on the other hand, remained difficult Power plants.
An entity operates a power plant and is required to dismantle the power plant.
A closed thermoelectric power plant belonging to NGP has been acquired and converted into a power plant fueled by vegetable oil, principally palm oil.
The transaction is the acquisition of the disused NGP owned Thermal power station and its conversion to one fueled with vegetable oil (mainly palm oil) power plant.
We should not compare Europe's power plants with the 40-year-old Fukushima nuclear power plant whose private owner has refused to fulfill the requirements for increasing safety.
We should Nuclear power plants in Europe not with the 40 year old Nuclear power plant in Fukushima, whose private owner has refused to meet the requirements for improving security.
Alles new nuclear power plants should be planned to stand a crash of a big passenger airplane without radioactive emissions outside the power plant.
All Nuclear power plants should be designed in such a way that no radioactive radiation emanates from the crash of a large passenger aircraft power plant is released.
Detroit Edison operates eight fossil generation power plants, a nuclear power plant and is co-owner of a hydroelectric facility.
Detroit Edison operates eight Power plants based on fossil fuels as well Nuclear power plant and is co-owner of a hydropower plant.
For power plant other than nuclear power plant, the maximum repayment term shall be twelve years.
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