What does an IC role mean

What does OOC & IC mean in chat? - Enlightenment

Abbreviations are often used in chats to briefly and concisely exchange information or express opinions. The abbreviation OOC usually stands for "out of character" and the abbreviation IC for "in character". It thus introduces or removes an utterance that is made by the player and not the character being played (OOC) and vice versa (IC). The abbreviations OOC and IC are therefore mainly found in RPG chats.

Chats and chat language

In order to better understand the use of OOC and IC, it is first necessary to consider the types of chat and the chat language used in general. A chat generally describes an electronic communication option via text via the Internet, in which the participants are present in the chat at the same time. So no messenger services are meant.

For example, chats can be found on some websites. Here, for example, you can get advice directly from employees by going into the chat and asking your questions. The chat function is also widespread in computer games, where it allows easy exchange with other players. Chat functions can also be found in other programs. Independent chats can also be implemented with your own chat programs. This solution is also used by many players.

In the gaming sector in particular, simple communication via chat has resulted in a shortened chat language that often uses abbreviations. There are many commonly used abbreviations, such as those used in communication via messenger services, for example, in order to exchange information quickly. In addition, limited abbreviations - often typical for games - have emerged. Most of the abbreviations come from English-speaking countries and are also used in German-speaking chats.

The specialty of RPG chats

Roleplaying Games (RPG), which are mostly anchored in the fantasy field, represent a separate genre among the games. The player slips into a role of the game figure (character). Many online games with thousands of players are mainly assigned to this genre (MMORPG).

The players of RPGs / MMORPGs can again be roughly divided. Some of the players not only play the RPG, but also live the role of the chosen character as closely as possible. There are separate rules of conduct that these players impose on themselves. This includes that in the associated RPG chat, communication is always conducted from the perspective of the character and the choice of language of the character. So the conversations in the chat always move within the scenario of the game and in a certain tone. Many MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft offer these players their own roleplaying server, in which the rules of the game's own chat are formulated as described.

The abbreviations OOC and IC are found mainly in these RPG chats. If someone wants to express something as a person in the chat and not as their playing character, an OOC is placed in front of them. If the character is spoken again as a game character, this is introduced with IC. As an alternative distinction, it is also common in some chats to write the utterance you want to make as a person in double curly brackets instead of OOC.

More meanings of OOC

The abbreviation OOC can also have other meanings, especially in English-speaking chats. OOC can also stand for “out of control” or “out of context”. Both can be interpreted literally. With the former, the chat participant indicates that the situation or person described was out of control (often used in an exaggerated way). The latter is used, for example, to initiate an interim question that has nothing to do with the topic just discussed, or to point out an utterance that has nothing to do with the topic being discussed.

In these interpretations, the abbreviation OOC occurs less frequently in chats, especially with gamers. OOC and IC are mainly used in RPG chats, also in German-language RPG chats.