What is an education portal

On behalf of the 16 federal states, the Institute for Film and Image in Science and Education (FWU) designed the state-wide media portal MUNDO. The portal, which is financed from the funds of the DigitalPact School, provides all educational professionals, schoolchildren and guardians with free access to teaching media from various sources that have been checked in terms of quality and licensing law from the start of the 2020/2021 school year.

In a digital future
MUNDO is continuously being expanded, supplemented with new learning content and functionally expanded. The exchange platform SODIX, which operates in the background, ensures that countries, broadcasters and other content producers can make these educational media available and that countries can import this content into their own national portal. SODIX will be implemented within the next 28 months.

The President of the Conference of Education Ministers and Education Minister for Rhineland-Palatinate, Dr. Stefanie Hubig: “The starting shot for the new media portal and for a state-wide educational media infrastructure is a good day for our schools. Both closely interlinked projects mean a real qualitative and quantitative leap for the use of educational media in our schools. In the past few months, the federal and state governments have worked intensively with the FWU and other parties involved to take this important step for education in the digital world. "

Michael Frost, Managing Director of FWU: “For our schools, MUNDO and the future exchange platform SODIX are important milestones. As the media institute of the federal states, we know that we particularly appreciate the trust placed in us during implementation and provision. The extremely efficient cooperation of all those involved in the project should be emphasized. "

Cooperation in the digital pact for schools
MUNDO and Sodix are financed with funds from the School Digital Pact and jointly developed by the federal states. The 16 countries have commissioned the Institute for Film and Image in Science and Education to implement the transnational project for the development and commissioning of a freely available online portal and the associated educational media infrastructure as quickly as possible. The public broadcasters, including BR, RBB, SWR and ZDF, make didactic audiovisual media available to MUNDO in an unbureaucratic manner.

Digital togetherness
A functioning digital educational infrastructure is crucial for the success of MUNDO and other country-specific media portals. In the background, the exchange platform Sodix makes a significant contribution to the connectivity of digital media offers. With a future-oriented concept, SODIX is to be expanded in the next step to include an editor that enables the federal states, but also individual educational professionals, to create and distribute digital teaching materials. "So that schools and especially schoolchildren can benefit optimally in the future, we are networking intensively with actors, projects and initiatives in German school education in order to jointly develop solutions for digital learning," explains Andreas Koschinsky, Head of Media Services at FWU and responsible for project implementation responsible, in conclusion.

You can reach the new education platform at: https://mundo.schule

Further information at: https://www.sodix.de