What is the future of the Cloverfield franchise

It cloverts everywhere: "Overlord" is "Cloverfield 4" and is in the cinema! (Update)

Update 2: Wherever the eye can see Cloverfield at every nook and cranny. Anyone who loves the series, which is always good for surprises, is currently getting plenty of it.

Again the producer is speaking J.J. Abrams about, about Overlord, to be exact. Like the film in Cloverfield-Universe fits, he said nothing about it Digital spy across from. Abrams extensively praised him for this. He couldn't wait for us Overlord see, because director Julius Avery (Son of a Gun - everyone gets what they deserve) did a great job. But Abrams did not want to go into detail. It really is a crazy movie, he just said.


Update: AlthoughThe Cloverfield Paradox directly at Netflix was dumped, intended Paramount Pictures continue, future parts of the Cloverfield-Saga to bring to the cinema. That concerns most directly of course Overlord.

The deal that Paramount and Netflix For The Cloverfield Paradox closed, is said to have been a one-time thing to make the film immediately profitable. It was found that a digital surprise release on the night of the Super Bowl fits in with the mystery that the Cloverfield-Row surrounds from the beginning.


While viral marketing is for Cloverfield 3 (formerly God Particle, now maybe Cloverfield Station) progresses and one can even hope for a Super Bowl trailer, elsewhere in the "Cloververse" we receive an on the one hand expected, on the other hand unexpected confirmation at the moment: Cloverfield 4 not only exists, it is already turned off and is supposed to be on October 25 start in the cinema.

As has long been suspected, it is Overlord, the suspect Bad Robot/ParamountProduction, which we have reported on a number of times. Everything fits together: how 10 Cloverfield Lane and God Particle, their relation to with Cloverfield established universe was revealed only later, began Overlord as an independent film. Again, J.J. Abrams the producer, another aspiring newcomer - here Julius Avery - the director. The difference to the others Cloverfield-Film consists only in the fact that it is set neither in the present nor in the future, but during the Second World War:

On the eve of D-Day, a group of American paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines on a mission upon which the success of the invasion depends. But as they get closer to their destination, they realize that there is more going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. You are dealing with supernatural forces that are part of a Nazi experiment. The cast of Overlord form Jovan Adepo (Fences), Wyatt Russell (22 Jump Street), Jacob Anderson (game of Thrones), Pilou Asbaek (Ghost in the Shell), Dominic Applewhite (The King’s Speech), Iain de Caestecker (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), John Magaro (The big short), Bokeem Woodbine (Spider-Man - Homecoming) and Mathilde Ollivier (The Misfortunes of Francois Jane) together.