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Guide to permanent make-up: advantages, disadvantages and prices

Many women will know it: applying make-up to the morning routine, applying make-up during the day and removing make-up in the evening hours. Permanent make-up promises to remedy this, and in principle the basic idea behind it sounds very convincing.

Permanent make-up lasts between two and three years. A one-time affair that makes the daily make-up and removal of make-up unnecessary and simply looks and lasts good in wind and weather. However, a few questions should be answered before permanent make-up, because this method is not free of risk, involves costs and not only has advantages. Our editorial team has created a guide for you that deals with the most important basic questions, the cost factor, the risk and the benefits of permanent make-up and explains them comprehensively.

What is permanent make-up, how does it work and what are the advantages?

With permanent make-up, all or parts of conventional make-up can be applied and replaced with one treatment for a period of two to three years. The most popular permanent make-ups include the tracing of the eyebrows, the thickening of the eyebrows, the tracing of lip contours, the concealment of scars or the placement of artificial moles and the drawing of eyelid lines.

In principle, permanent make-up works like a conventional tattoo, which is why the term tattoo make-up is occasionally used. However, the needles used are much finer than with normal body tattoos, and the color pigments are only injected into the epidermis. Therefore, permanent make-ups fade after two to three years, depending on the area of ​​application. Mineral or synthetic colors are used as color pigments, the color nuances can be chosen as desired.

One of the advantages of permanent make-up is the fact that there is no need to make-up or remove make-up every day; In addition, the same look is always achieved, which lasts in every situation and in all weather conditions - even during holidays when bathing on the dream beach or while diving. In addition, the procedure is relatively painless.

Permanent make up. As the name of the makeup suggests, it's permanent. (Image: carol.anne / Shutterstock.com)

What are the risks of permanent make-up and for whom is it generally unsuitable?

As the name of the makeup suggests, it's permanent. This has advantages, but can also be problematic. Because the fact that permanent make-up lasts between two and three years makes it inflexible. Before starting a treatment, those interested should be aware that fashion trends can change quickly, which of course also applies to make-up styles.

In addition, the injected color pigments fade over time and must therefore be refreshed again if necessary. Permanent make-up is unsuitable for people who are susceptible to allergic reactions, for diabetics and people who have to take medication such as antibiotics or anticoagulants. Another risk is the specialist staff who carry out the treatment. Here it is important to find out more in advance in order to only take advantage of serious offers and to protect yourself against fraud.

Preparation phase: I can do this myself before the treatment

Before the actual procedure, you should think about what permanent make-up actually is, what the costs are, whether it is absolutely necessary and who should apply it. Permanent make-up can be very useful and also look appealing, but - if done unprofessionally - it can look terrible. It is therefore important to seek advice from a dermatologist or beautician.

References should be taken into account, implementation, result and price should also be discussed in detail in advance and recorded in writing. A cost estimate is important, it provides information about the exact price, the color pigments used and the services performed. A check-up, which takes place after about two weeks, should be included in the price. Professional service providers use mineral color pigments, these are harmless to health.

It is compulsory to wear surgical disposable gloves during treatment and a certificate confirming that the needles used have been sterilized by a laboratory. Avoid providers who advertise with very low prices. Give yourself time to think about the procedure and weigh up the costs and benefits.

Approximate cost of permanent make-up

Professional permanent make-up has its price. This is due to various factors. Permanent make-up justifies the price through the training of the specialist staff, the required equipment (needles, color pigments, etc.), the pure working hours and the detailed consultation.

An eyebrow thickening costs between 290 and 365 CHF (240 to 300 euros), a full eyebrow drawing around 340 to 390 CHF (280 to 320 euros). A lip contour costs around CHF 350 to 390 (280 to 320 euros).

An eyeliner on the upper eyelid costs around 230 to 265 CHF (190 to 220 euros), on the lower eyelid it costs between 145 and 195 CHF (120 to 160 euros). A beauty mark will cost around 60 CHF (50 euros). It is important, however, that the treatment should never be selected based on price - professionalism and trust should always be the focus. Bear in mind that a low price has to be realized somehow and that, unfortunately, savings are usually made in the wrong places. Conversely, a high price does not automatically mean quality.


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