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My name is Petra Zizenbacher. I am a general practitioner and see myself as a naturopath and holistic medicine. With my practice I have fulfilled a dream - namely to combine the knowledge I acquired during my studies with naturopathy. As a holistic medicine doctor, I would like to support my patients with herbal medicine and naturopathic measures.
- In the initial consultation, an anamnesis is drawn up, an examination of the whole body is carried out (depending on the topic you come with) and a therapy plan is drawn up. Duration 1 hour.
- The follow-up appointment lasts 1/2 hour unless you want / need another hour. Please let us know when making an appointment. Prices on request, there is the possibility of a reduction if necessary / in cases of hardship.
If you have to cancel an agreed appointment, please do so as soon as possible.
If you cancel on the same day, the appointment will be billed.
In principle, all complaints can be treated with natural means, both in children and adults. It is important to get involved with yourself and understand what the body needs in order to be healthy.
Everything is connected to everything. Also in the body.
For this reason I examine my patients
- their body posture and
- the condition of the digestive organs,
Even when other issues seem to be in the foreground, good posture and regular digestion always make healthy life easier.
- Often different examinations and procedures / therapies have already been made
performed / recommended. I am at your disposal with my many years of experience to discuss naturopathic options (medical coaching)

I try to motivate as many people as possible, preventively !! to get active. Doing something preventive is better than healing.
"Nature heals" acute illnesses and mental disorders. It is ideal to treat diseases before they break out. I want to help you stay healthy before the body develops a disorder. I see myself as a mediator between your body and you. Once you learn to listen to your body and act accordingly, you are yourself a doctor. The use of wild herbs supports the healing process. Anyone can learn to recognize and use herbs. Every year I offer herbal hikes several times. The 2 hour course is used to get to know the green helpers for the first time.
As part of a 14-part training course, you can familiarize yourself more intensively with medicinal plants and naturopathy. During the course, various options from naturopathy for self-help are taught.

With the establishment of my ordination in 1996, I created a space in which I treat people holistically and lead them to their own health competence through training. For me, holistic means that the energetic and mental aspect is included on the way to recovery. Naturopathy and the use of medicinal plants help the body to open up to healing.
Since the establishment of the ordination, the Hildegard von Bingen treatment method has played a major role in my treatment concept.
The methods I use have a long tradition in Europe. Cupping, herbal applications and therapeutic fasting are all part of TEM / Traditional European Medicine. Mental injuries were also always taken into account in the healing process. In the emotional and psychological area in particular, there are often injuries and scars that need to be resolved in order to regain health. In addition to individual therapies tailored to your needs, I also offer various courses. They want to give you tools with which you can live your life more intensely in everyday life. Guests from home and abroad expand and complement my offer.
Reports that patients have written and made available to me give a good insight into my work and the effectiveness of naturopathy. You can read more about this under patient reports.

Thank you for your visit and look forward to welcoming you personally to my practice or to one of my courses.
For people who want to take a break, I offer the opportunity to rest in my holiday apartment - a quiet room with a bathroom and a wood-burning stove. The following variants are available:
1) You can rest for a few days in the wellness unit and enjoy the quiet, almost rural ambience, which still offers the possibility of driving into the city. Catering option by arrangement.
2) You come to a cure, the program is put together individually
- Colon cleansing program (ideally 1 week or more, start with medical assistance, continue at home)
- Exhaustion / regeneration (get the body out of tension with cupping or moxa treatments)
- Neck / back pain (interrupt the tension with exercises, neural therapy and cupping therapy; 1 to 2 days are often enough)
3) You want to treat yourself to several therapies in one day, in between resting, walking, just breathing the sky.
Health begins with allowing change.

Dr. Petra Zizenbacher

1 P.S .: My books have developed out of daily practice. Herbs help people to stay healthy. Prevention is better than curing diseases. Maybe my works are interesting for you ?!
2.PS. Note: The garden and the ordination are visited and guarded by cats.
3.PS Info: I would be happy to add you to my mailing list. Until further notice you will receive mail from me once or twice a month.
I never pass on my addresses - of course!

I also work with a distributor from an "unprofessional" programmer.

Thats how it works:

You send me an email with the request "add to the mailing list".

German version:

Hello. My name is Petra Zizenbacher. I am a qualified general practitioner and emergency doctor who sees herself as a naturopathic and holistic medical doctor. With my practice, I have fulfilled a dream: to connect the knowledge that I have acquired through my studies with naturopathy. As a holistic physician, I want to support my patients using herbal medicine and naturopathic methods.

I try to motivate as many people as possible to be proactive about preventative care because prevention is better than cure. Nature can heal acute diseases and mood disorders and it is much preferable to treat diseases before their onset. I want to help you to stay healthy before your body develops problems. I see myself as an intermediary between your body and you. Once you learn to listen to your body and act accordingly, you can become your own doctor. Anyone can learn how to recognize and use wild natural herbs that support the healing process. For that purpose, each year I organize several walks to introduce natural wild herbs and each two-hour walk serves as an initial introduction to our green helpers. As part of a 13-part training, you can familiarize yourself with natural healing and start experimenting with herbs. During the training, participants learn about the many ways in which they can use naturopathy to keep themselves healthy.

With the establishment in 1996 of my own practice, I have created a special, relaxing space in which I can treat people holistically and train them to manage their own health. For me, “holistic” means that the energetic-emotional aspect is taken into account on the road to health recovery. Naturopathy and the use of medicinal herbs help the body to open itself up for healing. The methods that I use, such as cupping, herbal treatments and fasting cures, have a long tradition in Europe. Mental injuries, too, have traditionally been taken into account in healing. Healing emotional and mental injuries and scars is vital for health to be regained. I offer therapy options tailored to your individual needs, as well as various training courses, all of which are aimed at giving you the tools that will enable you to live your life to the full. My invited guests from home and abroad bring additional healing experience and advice for my patients.

Reports written by my patients and shared with me provide excellent insights into my work and the effectiveness of naturopathy. You can read these by clicking the link for Patient Reports.

Thank you for visiting this site and I look forward to welcoming you personally at my practice or at one of my classes on natural healing.

For people who need a little time away from their hectic daily schedule, I offer a quiet resting room with a bath and a wood-burning stove. All therapies are individually designed in collaboration with you.

Health begins when we are ready to make changes in our lives.

Dr. Petra Zizenbacher

P.S. I have written a number of books setting out what I have learned from my daily practice and research. Herbs can help people to stay healthy because prevention is better than cure. Perhaps one of my publications might interest you?

Attention: there are cats frequenting the garden and guarding the house.