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Lawyer personality

Ultimately, it is your actions and how you react to the realities that reveal your character.


Hardly any personality type is as passionate and mysterious as lawyers. Your imagination and empathy make you, as someone with this personality type, into a person who values ​​their integrity and deeply anchored principles. However, unlike many other idealistic types, you are also able to turn these ideals into plans and realize them.

Yet lawyers can easily stumble in areas where their idealism and determination are a burden rather than an advantage. In many areas of life you are sometimes faced with challenges that can even lead you to question yourself and doubt who you really are. Whether you have to find your way in interpersonal conflicts, face unpleasant facts, strive for self-realization or are looking for a career that suits your core being; such challenges can lead to internal frustration.

What you've read so far is just a small introduction - and less than a few percent of what we can tell you about the lawyer personality type. You may have mumbled to yourself, “Wow, that's so true it's almost scary” or “They know more about me than the closest people to me”. You may even feel a little uncomfortable because you are not used to being understood.

It's not a trick. You felt understood because it was you. And no, we didn't spy on you, we spent years evaluating life stories, experiences and answers from lawyers to hundreds of our surveys. Step by step, insight by insight, we've worked out exactly how lawyers think and what they need to achieve their full potential.

So we know that many of the challenges you have faced (and will continue to face) were met by other lawyers. You are not alone in this. All you have to do is learn from each other's mistakes and successes.

But in order to be able to do that, you need a roadmap that suits your needs. Life is too short to stumble around aimlessly reaching for incoherent and conflicting advice that may apply to 95% of the population but not you. Now we need to delve much deeper into the lawyer's mind and find answers to the questions “Why?” “How?” And “What if?”.

Are you ready to learn why, as a lawyer, you act the way you do? What motivates and inspires you? What are you afraid of and what do you secretly dream of? How can you unleash your true, extraordinary potential while remaining true to who you are?

If you like reading in English, you will find a roadmap in our premium lawyer profile that will open the way for you to a goal-oriented, self-confident and successful you. However, it is not for everyone - you have to be willing to question yourself, deal with your fears, and ask and answer questions that you have never asked yourself before. This route is neither a panacea nor simply a shortcut. Our goal is to help you grow and become the person you are meant to be, rather than just giving you a fitting mask to hide behind.

Are you ready to take the first step on your journey? Then move on to the next section. We are waiting for you there.