What are some useful travel planning apps

Travel? App works! Your helpers on vacation

Traveling is a wonderful change from everyday work. Nevertheless, it is associated with effort. The better you plan and organize your trip in advance, the more you can enjoy it.

Fortunately, you don't need large analog city maps, heavy dictionaries or a chaotic pile of checklists. Here we show you our favorite travel apps that sweeten your vacation - and relieve backpacker backpacks.

Appsolutely necessary: ​​You need these 5 free holiday apps

Granted, not all of them make sense. On the other hand, you never want to miss others again. You probably already know some of them. Here are our top 5 travel app recommendations that will accompany us on every trip.

An important tip right away: So that you don't suddenly find yourself with an empty battery while on vacation, it is advisable to purchase a power bank. Otherwise even the greatest travel app won't help you.

Public transport and Moovit

Ideal for keeping an eye on public transport in different countries and cities.

Express VPN

With the help of a VPN service, you can protect your online data from being accessed by others and hide your IP address. So you surf the net anonymously and leave no traces behind. This generally safeguards your privacy and therefore never does any harm, but it can be helpful, especially in countries with a totalitarian regime, if you want to consume the domestic news or social media.

But almost even more important: With ExpressVPN you can also access your desired Netflix offer abroad, watch the online stream of domestic TV stations or place sports bets.

  • There is a fee, but a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • iOS and Android

Travel safely

The Federal Foreign Office's app contains all the relevant information for a safe trip abroad.


The classic dictionary, only as an app. Voice input and DeepL translation of texts are included. The dictionary can be used offline.

  • Free
  • Premium version without advertising
  • iOS and Android

Wifi Finder

Boundless Internet: Save WiFi hotspots at your holiday destination before your trip so that you can find them later even without a network. Are you still miles away from any connection? Then take a look at pCloud. With the cloud storage you can save all your important data and access it offline.

Travel planning apps: digitally organized

The vacation doesn't start on the first day off, but with the planning. As soon as you have made the decision to travel, you can start dreaming - and prepare everything in a relaxed manner. Use the waiting time until it starts and make sure that everything runs smoothly on vacation.

The packing list app: Never forget anything again

Are you one of those people who always forget something when packing their suitcase? Or to those who at least always have the feeling? You can avoid this problem with a packing list app. Alternatively, our articles The Ultimate Packing List for Backpacking or Packing List Hand Luggage will help you.


In addition to the detailed packing list for packing your suitcase, this app also provides information about the weather and the temperature that you can expect to find at your travel destination. Accordingly, the intelligent app, for example, adds a rain jacket to your packing list if showers are to be expected.

  • Free
  • The premium version offers more functions
  • iOS and Android

Plan the route: where are you going?

Are you not just flying to your destination, but planning a road trip? Great! Then only one thing is missing to make your holiday happy: the perfect route. After all, you also want to see something of the holiday country.

Locus Map

Google Maps has a weakness. And this is where Locus Map comes into play: it shows hiking and biking trails in detail and with tourist infrastructure. Here you can also download the maps and use the app offline.

Unfortunately, the iPhone has to use Google Maps here. Or do you know a great alternative for iOS?

  • Free
  • Premium version offers additional functions
  • Android

Book everything from flight to rental car

The most important part of vacation planning is of course booking the trip. Regardless of whether it's a package tour to a popular holiday destination, a quick city break on a long weekend or a round trip through a foreign country: You have to get there, sleep somewhere and in the end (unfortunately) back home again.

With the right app, you not only have the important bookings at a glance, but can often also access special offers.


[class = ”mb” id = ”9907 ″ alt =” Reise Apps Skyscanner ”class =” mb ”]

In principle, Skyscanner is a huge comparison portal. With this app you will not only find cheap flights, but also great deals for hotels and rental cars. For your flight trip, the app helps to filter out the cheapest months and days, so that you can save a lot of money with a little more flexible planning.

Pssst: I don't need to recommend a look at the apps from booking.com or AirBnB - right ?!

Back up vacation photos with a cloud storage app

The vacation is so beautiful that you can't take enough photos and videos - and suddenly the memory is full or, worse, your smartphone is stolen. So that your pictures are safe, it is best to save them in the cloud.


One of the most famous options. With the free account you get 2 gigabytes of storage space, which you can legally expand to almost 20 gigabytes by inviting friends and other ways.

  • Free
  • More storage space for a fee
  • iOS and Android

Google Drive

15 gigabytes of free storage space, but only inadequate data protection regulations. If you are only interested in the storage of vacation pictures, Google Drive is definitely worth considering.

  • Free
  • More storage space for a fee
  • iOS and Android

Insider tip: pCloud

Did you just yawn at our two cloud storage recommendations? Understandable ... But we still have a powerful underdog for you. pCloud is available offline, offers many backup and synchronization options, protects your data with secure crypto encryption and much more.

  • 10 GB free
  • More storage space for a fee
  • iOS and Android

Always have everything with you: the scanner app for important documents

Especially when traveling abroad, you usually need a whole set of important documents. The practical thing is that you can easily save them to your smartphone with a good scanner app and always have them with you, while the originals are at home or safely in the hotel safe. You can also save receipts easily in this way.

Adobe Scan

A straightforward app that scans documents, business cards, forms, whiteboards and receipts. You can set whether the app starts scanning automatically after starting or not. After the scan, you can edit the file and, for example, rotate it before you save it as a pdf.

The only drawback: Before you can use the app, you have to log in with a Google or Facebook account.

  • Free of charge, but registration required
  • iOS and Android

Travel apps for on site & on the road

You've booked everything packed and ready your backpacker backpack and are finally arrived at the destination? Then you can relax and enjoy your vacation thanks to the right helpers. From an overview of your budget and translations to finding the nearest toilet, everything is taken care of.

Keep an eye on your costs

The vacation is full of temptations. If we are not careful, our vacation budget will be used up after a few days and the travel credit card will be unusable. With these apps you can keep an eye on all expenses, both for group trips and solo vacations.


This app breaks down costs clearly for groups and thus helps with billing, even if several people contribute to the costs or pay unequal amounts. You can export the data as a PDF or Excel file. Splid calculates the simplest type of repayment and expects 150 currencies automatically.

  • Free
  • Premium version offers more functions
  • iOS and Android

Trailwallet (Images: Travel Budget)

If you are traveling alone, Trailwallet helps you keep an eye on costs. You set a budget and you can always check how much money is left. You sort the expenses with categories and tags. Trailwallet converts different currencies according to the current exchange rate.

  • 25 entries are free of charge, afterwards a purchase is necessary
  • iOS
  • Android alternative: Travel Budget

Just follow your nose? Maps & travel guides

The classic travel guides have had their day: too space-consuming and often out of date. With the right app, you are always up to date and can find the perfect travel route for you. While the ADAC Urlaub App, as a digital edition of the ADAC Magazin, is well suited to gather ideas for the next vacation, these apps help you to plan your planned vacation:


With 500 destinations worldwide, this app helps you to find sights, restaurants and event locations and to combine them with a meaningful travel route on a map. You can also specify your desired price level and thus save your wallet. The “rainy weather” category saves you when your daily plans threaten to fall through.

  • Free
  • In the premium version: further insider tips and all offline maps
  • iOS and Android


This app collects the experiences of other users so that you get an authentic impression of the restaurants and hotels in other cities. But activities are also listed here. Thanks to the hotel reviews, TripAdvisor is particularly useful for planning your trip. Thanks to the restaurant reviews, she also helps on the go if you want to eat something spontaneously.

Where are you going? Help with transport

Every city has its own public transport network. You can either use the app from the local provider, or you can use one app for several countries.

DB Navigator

Deutsche Bahn offers travel planning for your train journey with its free app. S-, U- and trams as well as buses are also part of it. You can also use the app to book your train ticket - just don't plan your trip around the world, as the Deutsche Bahn network doesn't go that far.


A usually cheaper alternative to taxi is Uber in over 500 cities worldwide. You have the choice of a particularly inexpensive tour, a fancy vehicle or an environmentally conscious electric vehicle.


In the Southeast Asian region, the Grab app is in demand instead of Uber. Unlike Uber, however, here it is taxis that you use. You can also use them to order food or send packages and documents.

Everything changes: weather, time and currencies

Holidays are not just about sights. The weather and the foreign currency also play a role. And if you want to call home, you should keep an eye on the time difference.


The best-known weather app with comprehensive information such as the strength of the pollen flying in each case or severe weather warnings. You can also be warned of storms by push notification.

  • Free
  • Premium version without advertising
  • iOS and Android

World Clock App

Call people in the world at the other end appropriate when they are awake. In addition to the different time zones, this app indicates the time change and also contains country and area codes and other information about your holiday destination.

  • Free
  • Premium version with more functions
  • iOS and Android

XE Currency Converter

With this currency converter, you no longer have to rudely calculate prices in your head and run the risk of messing up your holiday budget.
The app not only converts currencies online and offline, but also offers global money transfers. You can see currency changes in real time, as the app refreshes every minute. You can also see the exchange rate between two currencies.

Travel tracking and sharing

A trip is even more beautiful when you can experience it again later. Or share them with others in almost real time. WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram or other social media platforms are still boring - here are our (social) travel tracking apps:

Polar steps

This tracker automatically records your travel route and the places you visited and connects this information with the photos you take. You can then print out the resulting travel diary. The statistics provide information about the duration of the trip and the distance covered.


This tracking app is a bit more extraordinary. During your vacation you take photos and upload the pictures, where they together with the places you have been to form a growing map. On this platform you can invite friends to follow your vacation virtually. In this way, you not only track your vacation for yourself, but also exchange ideas with your friends at the same time.

  • Free
  • Premium version offers more functions
  • iOS

Where is the loo here?

The trip could be so nice - if there was a toilet! If you are moving through the city and already stepping restlessly from your right to your left leg, here comes the rescue:

Toilet Finder

The app finds toilets near you using a map or list. A filtering according to distance or free or not free and handicapped accessible toilets is possible. For entertainment, bizarre images of the quiet place around the world are gathered under the menu item Photos.

Find the WiFi

When the data volume is used up or you want to save it, you need WLAN (Wifi). Fortunately, there are places with free WiFi in every city - all you have to do is find them.


This app not only shows you where you, as a digital nomad, can find the perfect workplace, but also how stable and fast the network connection is there.

Work and travel

You will not only travel but also a little work and to earn that? Then you can use either an app or you look times in our article Digital nomads jobs. Otherwise, it can also be helpful to ask personally in the restaurant or bar around the corner.


Find exciting jobs according to the tinder principle. You fill out your profile with your skills, decide on your business and indicate in which city you are looking for a job. Truffls will now suggest suitable positions. By swiping to the right, your profile will be forwarded directly to the company.

The disadvantage: Truffles are only available for Germany and not all cities are included. That is why we recommend the traditional www when looking for an (international) remote job.

Fun on vacation: thanks to the app

On rainy days or while relaxing on the hotel terrace, you can also bring out your own entertainment program. These apps are cool and fun to do:


You don't need a Kindle to read Amazon's ebooks. The Kindle app turns your tablet or smartphone into an ereader. Link them to your Amazon account to buy books from anywhere.


Despite growing competition, Netflix is ​​still one of the largest and best-known streaming services. With the app you access your account and can download films and series to watch them offline later. In combination with ExpressVPN, you can easily access your favorite Netflix offer in the respective country when you are abroad.

  • Free of charge, costs arise from the Netflix subscription
  • iOS and Android
Photo editing with Afterlight

Beautiful pictures from your vacation get even better if you edit them a little or apply a filter.

This app offers 74 filters for fine-tuning your photos. You can also choose between 128 frames. Afterlight impresses with the processing options for light and shadow.

  • Free
  • Premium version offers more functions
  • iOS and Android
Music for your ears: Spotify

Take a relaxed look out of the window and enjoy an audio book or your favorite playlist - how can you go on vacation in a more relaxed manner?

The most famous music app with a gigantic selection of different pieces of music. You can also find audio books here. In the premium version you can download your playlists and listen to them offline.

  • Free
  • Premium version offers more functions
  • iOS and Android
Entertainment on the plane

It's not just children who get bored quickly on long air journeys. Many airlines such as Lufthansa, United or Qantas now offer their own apps for the plane with which you can access films and series. However, you usually have to install the apps beforehand.

It is therefore worthwhile to check what your airline's offer looks like before you get on the plane. Otherwise, we always say: browse Netflix, download favorites and enjoy offline on the plane.

Conclusion: have a good trip! Apps make it possible

You have to decide for yourself which travel app you really need. Depending on what type of travel type you are, how long you have been on tour and where you want to go, different little helpers are useful for you. We hope that we were able to give you a better overview of the travel app jungle.

If you are already going crazy in anticipation of your next vacation and have been staring at your smartphone the whole time, we recommend our article on meditation. Or would you prefer to use an app for this?

Then take a look at Headspace (iOS | Android). It was created by a real monk.

We would then be equipped so far. We still die for coffee while traveling - but there really is no app for that.

How about you? Are you missing an app? Do you have experiences or additions to our suggestions? Tell us in the comments!

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