What are the first signs of schizophrenia

How does schizophrenia show up?

People experience hearing voices differently. For some, the voices are threatening and extremely exhausting in the long run, and they can also massively intensify the madness. Hearing voices can cause fear, confusion, and self-doubt. Other sufferers are more likely to find a way to deal with the voices and do not feel significantly affected by them.

Some don't even see themselves as sick, but rather feel “their” voices as part of their personality. Still others hide the fact that they hear voices for fear of being labeled sick or treated against their will.

Even if people with schizophrenia have similar symptoms, they can give the symptoms different meanings and suspect different causes. This influences how they deal with the complaints. You will often find very different answers to the following questions:

  • Do I find the voices threatening, just a little annoying or even enriching?
  • Do I see something in it that tells me more about myself?
  • Why do I hear certain voices?

For many of those affected, it is very important that others are interested in their perceptions and not evaluate them straight away, but rather listen to them first.

Certain people perceive their voices and hallucinations as part of spiritual or psychic experiences that prove that other realities exist (for example, a world of the dead or extraterrestrial life). Or psychotic experiences are perceived as an expression of a crisis of meaning.