How many cyclists are there in Australia

Bicycle Australia: information, tips & hints

A Bike in australia is a very nice thing, but due to the enormous distances it can only be used to a limited extent and with very good preparation. Of course, it is great fun to cycle through the city, to stay fit and to save money, but it becomes a bit more problematic if you are planning a multi-day or multi-week bike tour through remote parts of the country. If you have such an extensive undertaking in mind, it is necessary to be well informed about your project and to plan it well.


General information

  • In Australia there is a general helmet requirement
  • Used bikes are in abundance at low prices
  • There are bike rentals in all major cities and tourist centers
  • New, high quality bicycles in Australia are about as expensive as in Germany
  • Cycling is not a problem in Australian cities, but it is not without danger on the highways

Tips & hints

If you really want to take the step and travel to Australia by bike, there are a few things to consider in advance:

You should be aware that the temperatures are usually very high and that you often have to cover very long, monotonous stretches in the blazing sun. For this reason, not only sufficient sun protection and plenty of water are an absolute must, but also a lot of fitness, experience and a stable state of health. Furthermore, the planned route or the entire tour must be carefully prepared, as you have to cover many unpopulated stretches and you may not have the opportunity to replenish the water supply.

If you want to conquer the outback, you must be aware that in the event of a breakdown or an accident it can take a long time before help arrives or is even discovered. Sometimes the highway goes straight for several 100km without changing the landscape even slightly. Over several days you will not meet rest areas with shady trees or other people for many hours a day and you will have to make friends with absolute isolation.

If you haven't had much experience with long bike tours, you should set yourself the east coast as your destination, as this is the most densely populated and you regularly have the opportunity to get water and food. An outback tour is only for the most experienced extreme athletes!


What do I need for a longer tour?

Everything you need for a longer bike tour is now listed and briefly described:


All about the bike

  • Bicycle: if you not only want to see paved highways, but also experience the unique nature of Australia, a racing bike is definitely unsuitable, as many roads are difficult to drive on
  • Chain: chain tool, spare parts for chain (e.g. plates, bolts, sleeves, rollers)
  • Water: light and large water containers (10 liters), drinking bottles
  • Rope, tape, cord: shift cable, brake cable, Bowden, rim tape, wire, cord
  • Tools: pocket knife, screwdriver, Allen key, open-end wrench, tire lever, spoke wrench, pliers
  • Light: front lamp, back lamp, head lamp, spare batteries
  • Accessories: Stable luggage racks, large panniers
  • Other: helmet, lock, air pump, grease, oil, brake pads, spare spokes, spoke nipples, hoses, patches, spare screws


  • Papers: appropriate folders / cards, important documents
  • Sun protection: long clothes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • First aid kit: Information at: Pharmacy & First aid kit
  • Clothing: Colorful cycling clothing (so that drivers can recognize you from a distance), warm clothing for the night, practical clothing (rain jacket, etc.)
  • Camping accessories: (the lighter the better: tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag - see travel equipment)
  • Eating & drinking: light, carbohydrate-rich food and plenty of water
  • Other: see packing list

Short & guided bike tours

Of course there are also a lot of cyclists who don't want to cycle for several days or even several weeks, but just want to experience an eventful day. Anyone who is considering exploring a particular city, island or region by bike and who appreciates an experienced tour guide should definitely take a closer look at the following offers.


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