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The Blacklist: That's why the series is number 1 on the Netflix charts


"The Blacklist" season 7 can be seen on Netflix and is very successful there. That wasn't the case from the start, however, because first Netflix had a big problem to solve. Netzwelt reveals why "The Blacklist" is now number 1 on the charts.

"The Blacklist" is also very popular in Germany, but the TV ratings were never quite convincing. Therefore, the series changed channels several times and to date not even the 6th season of "The Blacklist" has been broadcast. Fortunately, there is Netflix, because all seven seasons are now available there.

  • "The Blacklist" season 7 has been on Netflix since June 14, 2020
  • The German soundtrack was missing for many episodes
  • Since July 3, the entire season has finally been available in German

The joy of the Netflix start of season 7 shortly after it was broadcast in the US only lasted for a short time among fans. They quickly found out that the season was complete, but the German synchronization was missing for many episodes. Numerous viewers canceled the new season halfway or did not even start until Netflix submitted the missing synchronization.

Since July 3rd, "The Blacklist" Season 7 has finally been available in full in German. The result of this adjustment was also immediately apparent: "The Blacklist" jumped into the Netflix Top 10 both in the general list and in the series area, at number 1 in the charts.

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Perhaps this obviously high demand will lead Netflix to broadcast "The Blacklist" Season 8 week after week directly after the US airing. That would not only give fans the opportunity to watch their favorite series earlier than ever before, it would also keep "The Blacklist" in the charts for numerous weeks and ensure a new rise after each new episode, as is currently the case with "Snowpiercer "is to be observed.

The blacklist

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