Why not games made in Java

Which games are programmed with Java?

All three of you are terribly wrong. The problem: you think of a specific category of games.

It is correct that extremely hardware-intensive games in 3D, especially shooters, are not for Java. The reason is easy to explain: Java itself (which is also logical) only comes with one way for more in-depth hardware programming: JNI, the Java native interface. In order to then program games against DirectX and other consorts for the most complex 3D effects, the constant jump between Java and the native library via JNI is extremely expensive.

The game world is more than just a 3D shooter. And that's exactly where your argument no longer applies. Modern PCs are so under-challenged with normal games, for example a build-up game on an ISO 3D card, that something like this is no longer a problem in Java either. Not to mention casual games.

And now let's look at the whole thing (in theory) with a pure Java operating system. The funny thing is that suddenly all the arguments against the performance have disappeared. You have a direct interface to the hardware and do not need expensive mechanisms to advance from the Java Virtual Machine into the depths of the hardware and the operating system, because the Java Virtual Machine is the operating system itself. The only problem is that such operating systems are exotic or more of an academic character. They are used more for Rasberrys and nobody claims to ever compete with Windows / Linux or even game consoles.

That means: Java itself can also be used for game development without any problems, just like any other high-level language. The problem is simply the actual support by the respective operating system, which is very limited in today's world because nobody seriously pursues other paths.

I hope that you have understood which arguments should be used in discussions. I can no longer hear it, this blanket false statement that Java should generally have poor performance.