Why do American cars have ugly interiors?

The 20 ugliest cars in the world

Car designers are actually supposed to create beautiful vehicles. Our horror gallery of the most unsuccessful cars shows that things can also go completely wrong. Subjectively selected and rated by the editors and the ADAC Facebook community.

Some are incredibly ugly, but still successful, others were total flops from the start, and some have now, despite their bad looks Cult character. From the Fiat Multipla to the Pontiac Aztec, which plays a major role in the TV series "Breaking Bad", to the show-off car BMW X6: There are many sins of automobile design. Here we show you our leaderboard of the ugliest, boring and weirdest types of cars we could find. If you know more, send us an email. We are happy to expand our cabinet of horror!

1st place: Fiat Multipla - glass case with bacon fold

In 2001 the Fiat Multipla caused a stir. With his six-eye face, the fold of fat under the pane and the glass case on top, he strained the taste buds. The design was changed three years after the market launch. Even so, he has still found a place in the heart of the tasteless.

2nd place: Subaru Libero - the strange space miracle

The narrow Subaru Libero was certainly not a feast for the eyes. In return, it was extremely practical: the Japanese dwarf offered space for six people over a length of only 3.53 meters. To save space, the three-cylinder engine sat in the rear bumper.

3rd place: Daihatsu Materia - the curious panel van

Box-shaped small cars are all the rage in Japan - but German tastes are different. Hardly anyone can do anything with the Daihatsu Materia.

4th place: SsangYong Rodius - the rump bearer

In 2004, SsangYong was particularly proud of the Mercedes engine that powered the seven-seater Rodius. Perhaps it was also intended to divert attention from a discussion about the strange design. The strange rear window with a spoiler on top is definitely a cult!

5th place: Pontiac Aztec - the drug baron carriage

The Pontiac Aztek never existed in this country. The fact that it made it onto the list of the ugliest cars is due to the US series "Breaking Bad", where the visually striking car played the secret main role as the car of drug cooker Walter White for some fans.

6th place: Suzuki Vitara X-90 - completely installed

The SUV, propagated as Germany's first Funster, with a removable targa roof and notchback, is a bad-taste icon of the nineties. After all, the grace period for the strange vehicle was a whole year.

7th place: Opel Corsa - the boring car

At the beginning of the 80s, Opel still had a real philistine image. Which is not least due to such bad creations as the Opel Corsa notchback.

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8th place: Alfa SZ - the sports car nightmare

You have probably never seen the angular Alfa SZ: it was built in limited numbers. Perhaps the Italians suspected that they couldn't sell more than 1,000 pieces of the 100,000 DM athlete.

9th place: BMW X6 - the Protzer Coupé

Too massive, too heavy and, above all, too much a show-off car: the BMW X6 as a mixture of SUV and Coupé divides people like no other BMW before.

Place 10: Nissan Juke - the joke ball

The design of the Nissan Juke can certainly not be called boring. But the Japanese overdid it with his puffy face. The big headlights don't make it any better ...

11th place: Smart Fortwo - the elephant roller skate

What was the Smart ridiculed at first: Bobby car, elephant roller skate or walking aid on wheels, to name just a few nicknames. Apparently, even more than 20 years after its debut, not all drivers have got used to the city car. This is why many of our readers think: Pretty is different.

12th place: Chrysler PT Cruiser - the ship

Massive, conspicuous, exaggerated: when the PT Cruiser with its sweeping front and its radiator grille rolls towards you, some people get scared. The crooked bottom doesn't make it much better either. Our tip to the manufacturer: less would have been more!

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13th place: Nissan Cube - not a feast for the eyes

As is well known, "cube" is the English word for "cube" - and that is exactly the problem. We don't know what Nissan had in mind when it came to launching a rolling box with rounded edges. Conclusion: square, impractical, not good!

14th place: Suzuki Wagon R + - the Mogel van

The Japanese Wagon R + seems loveless. With a length of only 3.50 meters, Suzuki sells the vehicle as a micro-van, but in reality it offers comparatively little space. And something else is beautiful! Conclusion: Nothing half and nothing whole.

15th place: Renault Mégane - a Frenchman on the wrong track

The Renault Mégane has been around for 25 years, but the second generation from 2002 with its rear that takes getting used to is dividing the minds. The French failed miserably in their attempt to design an innovative and at the same time visually appealing vehicle.

16th place: Nissan S-Cargo - the ugly duckling

The designers of the high-roof estate were inspired by the Citroën 2CV fourgonnette, better known to us as a box duck. After three years of construction with around 12,000 models delivered mainly to Japan, however, the strange bird went swimming.

17th place: Ford Scorpio - the bulging eye

Look me in the eye ... carp? It is obvious that the second generation of the Ford Scorpio no longer found a large following. It's actually a shame, because its predecessor was very popular because it was very progressive for its time: the upper mid-range sedan had plenty of space and a practical tailgate. The successor shown here no longer had that - instead it had a terrible design.

18th place: Coupé Fiat - pretty weird

The sporty Fiat Coupé was called Coupé Fiat at the time. Not the only peculiarity of the Italian. The chunky look didn't really go with a sporty car. It's a pity, because the car was cheap. After six years of construction it was over.

19th place: Renault Wind - mild breeze

The name said it all: the Renault Wind was a small, affordable convertible with an electrically opening steel roof. Could have been something if the designer hadn't been on vacation.

20th place: Nissan Micra C + C - where is up here?