Can you be bulimic without throwing up

Bulimia (bulimia nervosa)

Bulimia is an eating disorder and is a mental illness. Uncontrolled binge eating and subsequent vomiting, the use of laxatives, or extreme exercise for fear of gaining weight after the binge eat characterize bulimia. These behaviors put a heavy strain on the body in the long run. The diverse consequences of bulimia can also be acutely life-threatening. Some long-term effects of bulimia persist even after successful therapy.

Bulimia: consequences for the body

When sick people vomit or swallow laxatives frequently, the body is getting too few vitamins. Therefore, those affected often have symptoms of malnutrition - with sometimes life-threatening consequences.

In addition, because of the constant fasting, the body can put the metabolism on the back burner and thus drastically reduce energy consumption.

The body loses important salts (electrolytes) through vomiting or purging. If this happens regularly, as in bulimia, it disrupts the electrolyte balance - with dangerous consequences Consequences for thatheart. A lack of salt weakens the muscles - including those of the heart. A severe deficiency in potassium can be life-threatening Cardiac arrhythmias (ventricular fibrillation) trigger. Potassium loss causes as well Constipation.

Bulimia can also affect the brain: the loss of sodium may trigger Fluid build-up in the brain out (brain edema). They can irreversibly damage the organ of thought, Seizures cause or even be fatal.

Recent studies show that bulimia can also be accompanied by a severe loss of brain matter. Affected people can take long-term neurological failure symptoms and suffer from decreased mental performance.

A deficiency in calcium, vitamin D, and estrogen is a long-term consequence of bulimia Bone loss (osteoporosis). The lack of estrogen can also cause the Menstrual periodfails to appear.

Children or adolescents who develop bulimia often develop worse or slower than their peers during puberty and grow less.

Vomiting and diarrhea cause severe symptoms dehydration in the body. Too little fluids can damage the kidneys. Kidney failure can be the result.

Bulimia sufferers shovel large amounts of food into themselves within a very short time. The stomach can overextend and crack in the stomach wall. As a result, the lining of the stomach often becomes inflamed or it escapes Stomach ulcerWith life-threatening gastric bleeding.

Bulimia: consequences of vomiting

The breaking process itself also damages the body in different ways. When choking, they become Salivary glands heavily used. If the parotid glands subsequently become inflamed and swell, the typical ones develop Hamster cheeks the bulimic.

The high pressure on the stomach and esophagus when vomiting can cause tears in the esophageal wall. The so-called Reflux disease occurs as a late sequela of bulimia when the gastric sphincter is damaged by frequent vomiting. Then acidic stomach contents flow into the esophagus. In addition to heartburn, this can cause painful inflammation of the mucous membrane. The acidic content of the stomach engages the protective when it comes into contact with the teeth Enamel at. Many bulimic sufferers have because of this severe tooth decay.

If bulimics stick their fingers or objects down their throats to trigger the gag reflex, they can injure themselves in the process. By Bite injuries People often have calluses or scars on the knuckles. Objects in the throat can injure the esophagus.

Bulimia: consequences of drug abuse

The abuse of medication is just as damaging as vomiting. The often overdosed and regular intake of laxatives or diuretics can, as a long-term consequence, the function of Kidneys and liver permanently impair. Also the Intestines can be damaged. The bowel movements are then sluggish and too weak to move the stool out of the bowel. A chronic inflammation of the intestines is a possible consequence.

Bulimia: psychological consequences

Bulimia is often associated with depression and anxiety disorders. Some people suffer from the disease so badly that they take their own lives.