What Are Some Good Disney Duet Songs

Aladdin: The music in the real-life Disney film is a disaster

The Disney live-action remake Aladdin was already under a bad star in the run-up to it. In addition to all the criticism about Will Smith's blue CGI Djinni, fans hoped that at least the popular songs could provide enough Disney magic. Unfortunately, the music is also plagued by questionable decisions. The Disney classic didn't deserve that.

  • There's a new song in Aladdin that doesn't fit the movie at all.
  • The musical interludes lack energy and impact.
  • Bad mixing turns Aladdin into a gruesome mini playback show.

A missed opportunity: The music in Aladdin

First of all, Disney fans can breathe a sigh of relief, because apart from minor restrictions, the 5 songs from the cartoon classic also taken over in the remake.

  • Arabian Nights
  • One Jump (+ 2 reprises)
  • Friend Like Me
  • Prince Ali (unfortunately without the Jafar version)
  • A Whole New World

For a musical film with a running time of over 2 hours, however, that is much too little. The Disney live-action remake Beauty and the Beast simply had more to offer with a comparable run length with 9 different tracks. Here the new Aladdin clearly has missed the chanceto draw on the songs of the 2014 Broadway musical.

No, Jafar is not allowed to sing.

The musical offers numerous new songs that could have enriched the film. Especially those devised by Howard Ashman and songs deleted from the cartoon Proud of your boy (an emotional ballad for Aladdin) and High adventure (a funny up-tempo number) could finally have seen a worthy implementation in the remake.

Where's the promised new music for Aladdin?

In addition to the five well-known songs, the successful duo Justin Paul and Benj Pasek (La La Land and The Greatest Showman) should work together with composer Alan Menken on new pieces for the live-action remake. In the final film, however, the disillusionment follows: only a new song made it into Aladdin. There was no trace of the previously announced new duet for Jasmin and Aladdin.

And unfortunately the new jasmine solo is Speechlessa bitter disappointment. As a single number, this liberation song is a real emotional force, but with its dominant Pasek and Paul style in general does not fit the musical line of the film. Rather, Speechless looks like a princess power song that actually belongs in a completely different Disney film - Elsa wants her solo back!

Aladdin - The mix up destroys the illusion

The majority of the songs in the film are composed close to the original and the voices of Will Smith (sometimes a little too weak), Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott (no more characters sing) know how to please. But unfortunately cloudy a miserable mix of music the real Disney pleasure. This is especially true when it comes to the songs One jump and Prince Ali very negative on.

Please don't sing while running!

The voices are not mixed succinctly enough that it often sounds as if the actors are performing only sing playbackwhat by often asynchronous inappropriate lip movements particularly annoying - this of course only refers to the English original sound. Mamma Mia 2 recently showed how playback music can be mixed more organically! Here We Go Again and Mary Poppins Returns.

The most disturbing element about these pompous songs, however, is that Choral chants in the background that is like off the tape listen. At no time does the feeling arise that the numerous extras are really singing along. That might work in animation, but not in a live action film that tries to be realistic.

A Whole New World - The double desecration of a classic

Every Disney musical film has that one song that defines it forever and with Aladdin this is the iconic one A Whole New Worldthat most fans look forward to the most. Even if the voices of Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud fit in harmoniously with this world-famous love ballad, the newly arranged version manages to screwing up this classic too.

Where's the Disney magic?

Because instead of the magical and downright Disney-defining sounds at the beginning of the song, here lame guitar music tuned in - hardcore fans have already lost their interest in their catchy tune here. As a general rule lacking most of the songs of rousing beats and the necessary "oomph". This is how even that becomes pompous Prince Ali to the sleepy Monday morning number.

Disney shoots the bird with the cover version of A Whole New World in the credits. The singers" Zayn and Zhavia Ward spoil the song downright with overerotically panting voices and strange key changes that, as an admirer of the versions of the original and the musical, only tears ran down my face.

Did the new versions of the Aladdin songs convince you?