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Posted by Fortinbras on June 03, 2001 5:51:26 pm:

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> I'm supposed to read macbeth in English now, and so I thought I could ask what it was about beforehand, so that I can understand it correctly, because I haven't read it in German yet. I would also be happy if someone could tell me which is an important verse or sentence from romeo and julia (because i think they are all important) !!!
> I would appreciate help, bye Marleen

> Macbeth is about the general (Macbeth) of the Scottish King Duncan.
Macbeth gets a prophecy from the witches that he will become King of Scotland. He then tells his wife and she urges him to murder the king. When the princes (MacColm and Donalbain) flee, he declares himself to be King of Scotland. Then he kills his friend and confidante of the prophecy (Banquo).
After a long time the nobleman MacDuff comes to Maccolm and persuades him to wage war against Macbeth and to claim the crown back.
Through another prophecy, Macbeth considers himself invincible and goes into battle to be killed by Macduff there.
That was a short and rough summary of the piece I hope to have helped.
Macbeth will never be recoverable until Birnam's forest approaches Dunsinan up in the enemy.
You were well.