What diet and exercise do cricketers follow

Shikhar Dhawan Workout Routine Diet Plan

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the most popular Indian cricketers who has made a name for himself in no time. He is known for his “bindaas style” and his ability to hold the crease right from the start to give Team India a great start. His entry into the Indian cricket team was also in the way. In his first test match he successfully hit a ton in just 85 balls (fastest test century of a debutant) and had since secured a special place in Team India.

He is also known for his unique hairstyle, swirling mustache, as well as his tattoos. But its charm doesn't end there. The cricketer also has a very fit body that has been built with a lot of time and effort. Let's take a look at how this left-handed batsman maintains a superb physique and keeps his mind calm, especially when subjected to pressures that only the "openers" can understand.

Every day should include yoga

The dashing cricketer believes that you should include yoga in your exercise regimen every day. The process he follows begins with simple breathing exercises that will help him relax the mind and body. Then he moves on to the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) pose, which helps him to increase the flexibility of his body and to prepare the body for the upcoming intensive yoga sessions.

The next exercise is the sarvangasana, also called the mother of all yoga exercises, as it loosens every limb in a person's body. The final step that Dhawan takes is Vrksasana (Tree Pose), which requires total control of one's body and determination to be successful. It helps a person gain control over every part of the body and balance the overall weight with ease.

How it helps

If you were wondering how the schedule would be good for you this Delhi born cricket star would be good for you, then you need to know that this training plan would help you get rid of all your tension, give you plenty of mental peace and calm in Boost your body and mind. You would feel very relaxed and ready for any challenge in life.

to do sports

Well, everyone knows that Dhawan, who is also an occasional right arm bowler, prefers to play cricket. But did you know that he's also interested in other games? Yes, he enjoys playing table tennis and badminton regularly as this improves his hand-eye coordination and keeps him entertained. He prefers to play these games with his family, especially his daughters, as it gives him the opportunity to hang out with them.

To run

Running is another popular exercise for self-conscious batsmen as it helps keep blood moving and makes him test the limits of his body. Daily running would help you keep your cholesterol high and burn excess calories within minutes. It also helps you make your lungs work better, improve your immunity, and reduce the risk of blood clots. Just put on your sports shoes and start running today.


Aside from running, another hobby of swimming is another hobby of this Hyderabad Sunrisers star player helping him be in great shape. Swimming can help you improve your muscle tone, better control your breathing, and improve the general mobility of your body. Swimming is also very good for making a person happy, as studies have shown that it helps your body produce more endorphins which will help you achieve a strong sense of wellbeing.

Be careful where you step

This handsome cricketer is also taking advantage of day-to-day diet options as an important contributor to the control of his health problems. He believes that whenever you have to choose between delicious and tempting buttered chicken (a popular and appetizing North Indian dish) and cooked vegetables, go for vegetables. Because what you eat has a direct effect on your body. So you would be smart to stick to the healthier options. Dhawan also keeps an eye on his own weight and when he feels like he is gaining a few pounds he goes to the gym and works hard to get rid of it.

Final tips

This star also suggests that you should have a good time with your family to appreciate the beauty in life. Additionally, he thinks that whatever he or she eats and how much exercise you are doing on your body, you should remember so that you should always be determined to follow a great diet and fitness routine. Otherwise, you could be unhealthy and fat, and all the efforts you have made to keep yourself fit to this day would be unsuccessful in the end.

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