What are home remedies for softer hair

Soft hair

Banana oil egg cure for soft, strong hair

Mix 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons of oil (I personally use rapeseed or germ oil, olive oil is the best option for thicker hair) and a mashed banana ...


9.8.14 by Christine


Shiny and soft hair

To get rid of my constipation, I put a dash of safflower oil in my food every day and have found that this has made my otherwise straw-like hair soft and shiny. ...


26.1.14 by noethlings72


Soft and shiny hair with lemon juice

To get particularly soft, shiny and beautiful hair, simply pour a lemon-water solution over the hair slowly after washing it with shampoo and conditioner. ...


09/10/05 from Jessy


Rye flour for silky soft hair

I've been washing my hair with rye flour or wholemeal rye flour for almost a year now and I'm still totally excited about it. My hair doesn't pull ...

More shine for the hair

My hair sometimes looks a little lackluster. On the other hand, I discovered this method, how I can make it look more well-groomed and shimmering, namely, that you blow-dry your hair with hot air after showering ...


7/16/13 by lara2000


Spray treatment for oily hair

Many people know that, you buy a spray treatment without washing out and spray it on your hair. Oh dear, your hair looks greasy! That ...


9.2.14 by malcolm


Fast remedy for oily hair

Since my hair becomes greasy very quickly, because I also do a lot of sports etc., it is a big problem when I have to hurry up and don't have time to wash my hair anymore. There…


16.5.13 by lara2000


Exfoliating shampoo for hair

Once a week I add a teaspoon of baking powder to the amount of shampoo I use, massage it into my hair and rinse it out. This removes styling residues and other things, such as a special peeling shampoo ...


3/24/13 by Cloodi76


Lighter hair without bleaching

This tip applies to hair that has been dyed too dark: What you need: Vitamin C powder (dm or Rossmann) Shampoo, cling film ...


12/14/13 from farm


Static charge - the hair stands on end

Winter is starting, we are heating again, the air in the rooms is getting drier and the time with the annoying dry, flying hair begins again. And you get a little blow at ...


3.11.10 from Rumpumpel


Wash off stains after coloring hair with Clearasil

I regularly dye my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes black and after a long search I found a remedy with which I can remove all stains immediately: Clearasil. Actually for removing annoying pimples ...


May 14th, 2007 from Marlena


Organic kicks for the hair

A cup of chamomile tea and a squirt of lemon can be used to lighten blonde hair; red henna invigorates red hair. Instead, a cup of red henna powder ...


10/16/10 by ChantiUntitled


My remedy for electrifying hair - spray bottle with water

Anyone with long hair knows what I'm talking about. Electrifying hair can be annoying at times, which is why I always have a small spray bottle filled with water with my styling stuff. If necessary, simply ...


9/15/11 by revolutionlaut


Brushes do not leave hairs when painting

For painting, I ALWAYS use old, cleaned brushes. Because the color runs behind the setting when you first use it. When I have finished "brushing", I wash the brush out. But the cleaning agent does it ...

Hair sticks to the flycatcher

Do you know that wow feeling when your hair sticks to the flycatcher? Simply spray your hair with crystal clear, rub it in and then wash your hair as usual. ...


7.9.13 from hafaflo


Let hair grow really long

If you want to let your hair grow, you should take the following to heart: after shampooing, first comb through with a wide-toothed comb, then with the brush. The hair…


10/17/10 from ulliken


Get longer hair faster

We women all want long hair, don't we? Therefore, today I would like to explain to you how you can quickly and without much effort, longer hair ...


9.3.19 from Randhamdi


Remove hair from the hairbrush

For a long time I was always plucking at my brushes and still not getting all of the hair - and especially not the dirt in it - out. Now ...

Hair for the rat

After a visit to the hairdresser, I always take the hair with me in a plastic bag and give it to my rat, who is happy to build a nest out of it. ...

Wash, care for and style curly hair

There are many tips in all of the umpteen women's magazines on how to care for, wash and style straight hair. But less of what curly hair needs. Write here ...


7/26/12 from orange mint


Hair on the carpet

To clean the carpet 1a - because sometimes you overlook one or the other: An old toothbrush is enough for a small carpet, for larger ones I would ...

VIP hair in Ziploc - Britney Spears does it that way too

A tip for all celebrities and VIPs among the FM users: If you change your type, have psychological problems or just want to make money and cut your hair - pack it in ...


February 20, 2007 by Die Schottin

To smile

Remove residues when dyeing hair

After being annoyed about finding paint residues on my forehead after dyeing my hair, I have a good tip for you. ...

Oily hair - hands off your hair

Those who often run their hands through their hair need not be surprised at hair that regreases quickly. Hands have hand fat, which when driving through ...


29.7.10 by mietzekatze230582


Baby powder for greasy hair

Mothers will know it, you have greasy hair and no time to wash your hair. Baby powder helps to sprinkle the powder into dry hair ...

Wash hair less often, save on shampoo and do the scalp good

If you try to gradually lengthen the intervals between two hair washes, the hair will become greasy less quickly. This works best in the cold season, where you can keep your hair, which of course ...


11.3.12 from excellent


I tried washing up hair with dish soap

Washed my hair with dish soap. It removes the silicone that the manufacturers put in the shampoo. The hair becomes heavy and the scalp sets ...


9/21/10 by Fivebanger2007

personal hygiene

Wash hair gently

There are many different methods of gently washing your hair. Every time you wash your hair, the cuticle of the hair is exposed and shampooed with tensides strengthens ...


29.9.15 by gloriatorin


Dye hair with henna

Henna not only colors the hair, it also cares for it at the same time. But how is the plant extract used correctly? First of all: Henna is now available in ...


11/15/08 by Gaby Molnar


Hair tones despite glasses

Whenever I tinted or dyed my hair (I wear glasses!) The temples of my plastic glasses were full of color that no longer ...


01/16/07 from SUSANNA


Hair and lint on carpets

Long hair in humans is like a cat. You love cats, but not your hair everywhere. Apparently I'm with ...

Eliminate unruly hair in the drain

After countless attempts with tweezers, eating fork and bicycle spoke, we were unfortunately unable to free the drain, which was blocked by very long hair. The tip: dry first ...

Avoid clogged drain: hair

In addition to the sieve in the drain, you should reduce the amount of hair that comes within reach of the drain :-) I brush the ...

Cut your hair perfectly yourself

With this simple trick, I've been saving myself visits to the hairdresser for a long time and I get more compliments for the hairstyle than when I was hairdresser! Requirements are ...


1.8.10 by fiffiputz


Volume for the hair with baby powder

After you've blow-dried your hair, apply a little baby powder to your hair. Knead in and the hair has a great volume, at the same time the sweat is absorbed by the powder and the hairstyle lasts all day! ...


7/19/10 by moonlight


No greasy hair despite exercising

Oily hair? Itchy or pimply scalp? Do you do a lot of sports? Does your hair look stringy, dull & greasy afterwards? I've always had greasy hair. Since my ...


5/20/14 from bettyboob


Remove hair after visiting the hairdresser

Hello everyone, I'm sure everyone has already experienced that. After visiting the hairdresser, you have hair all over your neck and face. Here is a very ...


11/28/16 from Tschenin


Yellow hair clean again

If the hair has turned yellow or green due to chlorine or salt water, simply dissolve an aspirin before washing and clean the hair with it ...

Remove hair from the hairbrush II

I have quite long hair and that's why my brush is correspondingly full even after blow-drying. To clean, I put the crevice nozzle on the vacuum cleaner pipe ...

Volume in short hair without a hairdryer and curlers

After washing, pre-dry your hair with a towel (15 minutes turban around your head), then use several hair ties to gather small tufts on your head like a hedgehog. Let dry, then you have a good stand in the hair. ...


11/21/10 from Ellaberta


The perfect hair treatment for all hair

I have very complex hair myself, which is a little curly and therefore often very dry, but on other days it can be greasy at the roots. There…


6/13/13 from putpini


Lighten blonde hair with lemon juice

When the weather is good outside, I also want sun-bleached hair. I just think it's nicer. Unfortunately, products that achieve this are very expensive, but I ...

Against martens: human hair under the car

Let the hairdresser give you a handful of hair (human hair, of course). Fill a nylon stocking with it and hang it under the trailer. Also works in the car, of course ...


November 7th, 2005 from Cornelia


Cut layered shoulder-length hair with a curler trick

The prerequisite is that you have a hairdresser haircut, which can be three months out of the way. The main thing is to build on a good foundation. And you need hairdressing scissors from the hairdressing supply store. It pays off ...


16.8.10 from Ellaberta


Remedy for greasy hair in brunettes

Many of you who have brown hair will probably know that every product that is supposed to work against oily hair leaves a gray veil on your hair! So do I, but now I have ...


17.6.13 by Lola99