What are Surface Pro 3 Essential Peripherals

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in the test

Thomas Rau

How much tablet is there in the Microsoft Surface Pro 3? Not much. Is that a disadvantage for the Windows tablet? Rather the opposite.

EnlargeTablet or notebook? Definitely Windows: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in the test

12-inch screen, 811 grams weight: As a tablet, the Surface Pro 3 is quite large and heavy. And that's a good thing, says Microsoft. Because the real competitor of the tablet with Windows 8.1 Pro is not the iPad, but the Macbook Air. The Surface Pro 3 wants to replace an ultrabook, not a tablet.

Noble on the outside, powerful on the inside

In the duel with the Macbook Air for the best work device to show off, the Surface Pro 3 has a good starting position: The tablet is extremely stable and of high quality. Microsoft uses a light gray magnesium case that is only 9.1 millimeters high and is therefore significantly narrower than its predecessor, Surface Pro 2. The Windows button is a sensible sensor button at the front because it is easier to reach there than below in the middle when you hold the tablet in landscape orientation.

EnlargeNoble case with magnesium alloy: the back of the Surface

The Surface Pro 3 looks surprisingly light when you pick it up - although a weight of over 800 grams for a 12-inch tablet is not record-breaking light: The Samsung Pro Note 12.2 weighs significantly less with a larger screen, but only has one Plastic housing. The Surface is comfortably balanced in the hand - you never have the feeling that you have to grip one side more tightly, because otherwise it will slip away from you. A small reference to Apple is the power plug, which, similar to the Macbook Air, is held in the socket by a magnet and can be inserted regardless of the orientation. Only the stylus breaks through the impressive design. Microsoft has not provided any space for it on the tablet, but only provides a self-adhesive loop into which you insert the pen and which you then stick to the case. It's functional, but absolutely not elegant.

EnlargeWork order: The Surface Pro 3 is aimed primarily at business customers

Writing, typing, touching: a wide range of input options