Should the suit trousers be tight

6 golden rules for a perfectly fitting suit

A suit has to fit properly. This is most important for a confident demeanor. In order for a suit to really fit like a glove, the following six points must be observed. For a better understanding you see the actor Eddie Redmayne, currently the most stylish man in the world.

Let's go from top to bottom:

  • Adjust the shoulder seam. This is crucial for the fit of a jacket. Everything else can be adjusted relatively easily by a tailor. The shoulder seam of your suit should end just before your shoulders. You can test this by leaning against a wall. If the shoulder seam touches the wall before your actual shoulder can feel the wall, the jacket is too wide.
  • High armholes.The armholes are the small but subtle difference between a modern jacket and a conservative one. You want them cut high, but without restricting your freedom of movement. When you move your arm, the jacket shouldn't move with it.
  • Slim fit.The suit should fit snugly, but not so tight that you feel like you are in the stranglehold of an anaconda. As a rule, a tailor will have to topstitch the jacket in order to adapt the waist to your body.
  • Length of the jacket. The jacket should be long enough to cover your entire bottom and the front button placket and not a millimeter longer. If your upper body is on the short side, you shouldn't be ashamed of it. If you wear a well-fitting suit, you automatically appear taller.
  • Cuff and sleeve length. There is no hard and fast rule for the length of the sleeve or how much of the cuff should be visible. Basically: a maximum of half the cuff and at least one centimeter. Smaller people should show more cuff, bigger ones less.
  • Small to no kink. The pants should fit well: the waistband should neither be too loose nor too tight. The crease must fall slightly over the knee and must not run in one or the other direction. This can indicate a cutting error. At the end, the pants should lie lightly on the shoe so that a small kink forms. At the moment it is also fashionable to wear “slim fit” pants that end perfectly, but a slight kink is the perfect mix between trendy and timeless.