What are some good songwriting apps

The best apps for musicians

The creative people also make their stage, rehearsal and songwriting life easier. We have put together some apps for you that make road and studio life much easier. 📱🎵

1. Musyc

Musyc is a fun music app that turns touch into music. You don't need keyboards or partitions. Instead, you simply draw shapes, then listen to your compositions and watch the dancing sounds on the display. A total of 88 different instruments are on board, which in turn are divided into 22 groups. The practical features include the two effect channels, the physical recorder, the motion recorder and many other functions. Audio recordings can be made in real time. The results can be exported via different channels.

IoS: Download the app here!

2. forScore

forScore is the music reader for the iPad. There is much more to the functionalities than just the possibility of storing sheets. A good solution - especially with the iPad - to manage the songs. The app is clear and user-friendly. The design is bright, so the texts and notes are easy to read. The sheets can be added as PDF via the Dropbox folder, exchanged via Bluetooth or photographed with the camera. In addition, the scores can be organized, displayed and also edited in different ways.

Download forScore for iOS

3. iBooks / Apple Books

forScore is a great and helpful app. However, it costs money. That works for free too. If you have an Apple phone, you can simply download iBooks. In the app you can save and organize your music sheets as PDF. Chord lists, lyrics or guitar tabs can also be saved. iBooks is compatible with various programs.

Download Apple Book for iOS

4. Backtrax

With backtracks you no longer have to worry about the sound engineer misplacing, forgetting or otherwise losing your backing tracks. The app saves your playbacks and other files. All you have to do in the live scenario is connect your mobile phone and play the tracks. There is even an integrated countdown timer until one track ends and the next begins.

Download Backtrax for iOS

5. BeatMaker

Beatmaker is a veteran among the iOS apps. It is a sample and MIDI based music production app. On board are 16 or 64 pads that can be individually assigned with samples or MIDI notes. The on-screen keyboard or an external MIDI controller can also be used. The third version of Beatmaker by Intua is now on the market. Probably the biggest change in the update is that it can be used to control AudioUnit apps.

Download BeatMaker for iOS

6. Songwriter's Pad

The "Songwriter's Pad" app is more than a practical helper when it comes to songwriting. No wonder, after all, it comes from Dante, the specialist in data transmission. Texts, notes and chords can be conveniently edited and edited. Song blocks can be designed so that, for example, the basics of verses, chorus or bridge do not have to be touched again and again. Various other functions are integrated, including recording via the record player, with which creative ideas can be recorded quickly and conveniently.

Download Songwriter's Pad for Android here

7. Metronome / MetroTimer

The metronome is now a completely common and correspondingly simple application of an app. If you've forgotten your tempo counter, but now need the correct timing, that's not the slightest problem with the Onyx Metronome app. The app also effortlessly works with unusual time signatures such as 9/4 or 7/8 time. The click is output both acoustically and visually. We have never been as tightly timed as we are today.

Download The Metronome by Soundbrenner for Android
Download Metronome for iOS

8. GarageBand

GarageBand is still the top dog among music apps. The classic from the house with the big apple has been around for a few years and is still up-to-date as never before thanks to the updates. An easy-to-use and at the same time highly functional app that can be used to create music on the mobile phone. Meanwhile, in addition to the version for iOS, there are also versions for Windows and Android. A guarantee for sensible organization and music creation.

Download Garageband for iOS

9. Setlist helper

A scenario well known to us musicians: the chords are written over texts that have already been printed out. Suddenly it should be in a different key. The wild scribble with the corresponding confusion takes its course. Yesterday's news, we are digital for a long time. A properly functioning app is "Setlist Helper", a useful tool for every musician. Easy to use and also a good support for live performances.

Setlist-Helper can create set lists, embed audio and video files, and scroll the screen automatically. chordpro ​​files can be imported directly, as well as the formats PDF, IMG, DOC, DOCX and RTF. From a word processor, passages can be transferred using copy and paste. There are various other functions.

Download SetList Helper for Android

Download SetList Helper for IoS

Which app do you swear by? You are welcome to leave us a comment!

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