Alligators and crocodiles are deadly enemies

Alligators: Giants of the Florida swamps

Alligators are impressive animals. Some specimens can reach a length of up to six meters. As soon as they come into contact with humans or other living beings, spectacular headlines are inevitable.

A huge mouth, adorned with up to 80 strong and sharp teeth: the appearance of alligators seems scary to most people. The animals from the crocodile family prefer to stay in swamp areas, lakes or rivers in North America and China.

While Chinese specimens rarely exceed two meters in length, some Mississippi alligators can reach a length of up to six meters. The impressive mouthparts of the reptiles grow back once a year, so that an alligator can have up to 50 tooth renewals in the course of its life.

The population of the formerly endangered animals has grown in recent years. Encounters with people are the order of the day in the southeastern United States. So recently there were more sensational reports about alligators. Here is a selection:

1. Walks in sunny Florida

Hardly any other region on earth is as famous for its alligator population as the Sunshine State in the USA. Just recently a particularly huge specimen called "Humpback" made a name for itself on a reservation in Lakeland.

Local residents witnessed the giant lizard walking and immediately took out their cameras. The alligator was not deterred and calmly continued on its way. You can see the impressive video here:

An alligator undertook a very special Florida excursion in May 2016. The animal trotted leisurely over the "Buffalo Creek" golf course in Palmetto. Eyewitness Charles Helms initially believed that he was being played for.

"I didn't know if I was being kidnapped or something," the amateur golfer told ABC Action News. A video documenting the incident was published on YouTube. Let someone else say that golf is a boring sport ...

2. Bizarre hunt for the huge animals

Sad but true: Imposing creatures always seem to have a special charm for people who cannot do anything with animal love. The farm owner Lee Lightsey proved this in early April 2016.

At a body of water on the grounds of his ranch "Outwest Farms" in Florida, the man discovered a huge alligator and immediately went on the hunt for the animal. Also there: his nine-year-old (!) Son Mason.

As this photo shows, the Lightseys' project was crowned with success. The joyful face of a child who poses next to a killed alligator seems downright bizarre. Is hunting for wild animals the right education for a nine year old? Probably not. But form your own opinion.

Giant python nibbles on alligator

Impressive fight between the wild animals ends fatally. © YouTube

3. Alligators even have natural predators

In addition to humans, alligators, despite their huge appearance, have a few natural enemies in the wild - such as giant snakes. You don't think that a python can take on and even eat an alligator?

Then watch the following YouTube video as proof! But be careful: the authentic images (from 1:40 minutes) could be disturbing for people with a sensitive sting: