What makes a rapper a goat

Star airs versus goat rap

The English have always been pioneers of new trends. The beat generation, the punks and the Brit popper - they all swept across the canal to Germany. Now they wanted to start a new wave. The artists at British Music Week are fresh and innovative, according to a press release. But what do you find? Old rockers from "Fischer-Z" and ex-popper from "Suede" - together with stars who played at the British Music Week (BMW) last year. So where are the innovations? The group "The Wombats" is one of them.

Innovative - not only with their music: 'The Wombats'

It's strange because you have enough air to breathe and space to dance. Surprising - with this band. Your eyes sparkle. You can see it even though it's dark in the room because the three on stage are illuminated by green light. They don't seem to care that only a handful of people are listening to them. You shine all over your face. Like a child who has just discovered his parents' hideout for sweets. Quality is more important than quantity, you will think. It doesn't take much to be happy, you just need the right combination of the right things. You found her for the moment. Bass, guitar, drums and yourself.

The arrogance of the stars

Again a band with "The" in their name, as if they were suffering from an inferiority complex and had to certify that they were not just any band, but the only one. Many of these "The" bands also live out this complex on stage. The singer of "The Sounds" impresses with her disgusting self-love, the singer of "The Hives" promotes that the world has always been waiting for him.

Band with 'The' - 'the Wombats'

Arrogance never seems to have gone out of style since the "Oasis" brothers made it their way of life in the 1990s. It's best to pair this trait with an appropriate drug career. Every generation their model junkie: from Keith Richards, the guitarist of the "Rolling Stones" to Sid Vicious, the singer of the "Sex Pistols", to the latest scandalous hit from Great Britain: Pete Doherty. So it's nice to see a band like "The Wombats" who don't have fun under the motto "because they don't know what they're doing".

Goats can also rap

Matthew Murphy, the "Wombats" singer is one of the few people who can actually believe that their tousled dark hair was created without a ton of hairspray. His brain is full of confused ideas that he seamlessly implements musically. Once he wrote a goat rap song, he says. And then he starts laughing and rapping. Tord looks like he's Val Kilmer's little brother. He's actually the band's bass player, but now he's drumming the beat on the table while drummer Dan starts to utter a bit of goat-sounding moaning. It's not quite perfect yet, they amuse themselves.

So they actually still exist: bands without attitudes, without excessive coolness, without fear of embarrassing themselves. Perhaps being true to yourself is the last innovation there can be. Now that all styles have been sampled, in the new millennium, where the new is just a version of what has already been invented. Individuality is not a design problem and music is not always a business. "The Wombats" actually have something to give away, not just their buttons and CDs, but something much more precious: warmth. They make music for the audience, but they don't put on an act.

With a lot of irony and the best guitar pop mood, they tell the bizarre stories of life. "Lets dance to Joy Division," they sing. The only dance one could dance to the gloomy sounds of "Joy Division" would be a pas-de-deux with a razor blade. However, the story about the boy who falls in love with a stripper is made up, says Matthew. Dan agrees with him. Actually, the point is that there is always something that one would like to have and can never have, even though it is within reach. Behind her smug texts there are certainly wisdoms of life. At the same time, their lack of self-centeredness is a reminder that being is more important than appearance. It's a shame that the guys in Germany don't have any EPs or CDs. They would be a beautiful soundtrack for the summer.