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Obandln worldwide: The great Wiesn flirt guide

Are you mega bored of German men and would you prefer to flirt with a fiery Italian, charming French or cool American for a change? But you don't have the time and money for an exciting road trip? No problem, because the Oktoberfest has officially started! The whole world is drinking, partying and flirting in Munich until October 3rd, 2017. Together with Badoo * we will tell you how obandln can be successful at Oktoberfest and how you can get yourself a hottie!

From passionate Spaniards to funny Englishmen to tanned Australians: at the Oktoberfest there are a number of sweet single men from all over the world. You are spoiled for choice! We'll show you how to flirt with French & Co. at the Oktoberfest tool'amour toujours leads ... or at least to a super hot evening. And don't forget: Always make sure to wear the dirndl bow draped on the left!

Dammi un bacio bello “... Avelino whispers and pulls you close to him ...

Are you standing in the middle of the Oktoberfest, surrounded by your girls and spending a lively time with them? At the same time, would you like to get a better overview of who else is bustling around in the wild beer bank rumble? If you've installed the Badoo dating app, it's very straightforward. You can use their free environment function to keep an eye out for international flirt partners, chat with them immediately and arrange to meet on site at the Oktoberfest. O'zapft is!

For example, you immediately like the profile of a certain Avelino. His dark brown eyes are just awesome. During the sparkling chat with him, it turns out that he comes from Florence and has come to the Oktoberfest for the Italian weekend. You're so happy when he asks you to meet. You want to meet on the Oktoberfest grounds. Unfortunately, neither of you know exactly where the other is. You can use the Badoo video chat function to show you where you are and get a really good first "real-life" impression of each other.

If you meet Avelino face to face at the Oktoberfest, he will immediately blow you away with his elegant style and gentlemanly aura. You wrap it around your finger if you have a lot of sense of femininity. After all, he comes from the country of Monica Bellucci, Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren - a little bella donna it cannot do any harm to emerge. In a sexy, tight dirndl that shouldn't be a problem anyway ...

Je t'adore “... Jacques breathes in your ear and tells you about summer nights in St. Tropez ...

Imagine the following situation: You discover a blond, extremely well-built man at the Oktoberfest, casually leaning against the beer bar. Your eyes cross, you quickly look away again, do not dare to speak to him. He disappears into the crowd again, one of tens of thousands of guests. Thanks to Badoo's Bumped Into * function, however, you can find all the people you ran into that day - and easily find the cute guy online.

Et voilà - it turns out he's French and lives on the Côte d'Azur. His name is Jacques, you start chatting and meet up. At the moment there is a certainje ne sais quoi in the air. Your heart starts to pound like crazy. It purrs so sweetly! The term flirtation has its origin in French for good reason (conter fleurette - to court). You can look forward to an incredibly charming conversation with Jacques.

Here's my number, so call me maybe "... says Mike and it tingles like crazy in your stomach ...

Do you want to use the Oktoberfest specifically to search for men? Have you had a crush on Justin Bieber for years? Then use Badoo's practical lookalike function to show you at a glance all the hotties present at the Oktoberfest that could visually match your type.

Lo and behold: You immediately notice the profile of this American Mike, who wrote to you in such a casual tone: Hey beauty, I was just wondering when it is pleasant for you to have a drink with a stranger today ...Mike has mastered the art of light small talk; You'll notice this both in video chat and when you're face to face with him. And what's more, he's really like Justin Bieber's face! It doesn't get any hotter!

You are not a guest at the Oktoberfest this year and still feel like a handsome Australian surfer boy instead of a cool North Frisian? Whether New York, Ibiza or Athens: With the newly revised environment function of Badoo * you can easily fish in exotic waters and search for the great love with over 360 million registered users worldwide.How? Simply use the "Location" function to select which area should be shown to you - for example the location of your next vacation in order to find potential dates in advance, to learn a new language or to find a fitness buddy.

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