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"We can't believe that you really ordered school openings"

DUSSELDORF. A letter from parents - including several teachers - to the North Rhine-Westphalian state government is currently causing a stir in the network. In the letter, which all members of the state parliament in Düsseldorf received, citizens are calling for better protection for children, young people and their families in the corona pandemic. The decision to open schools for alternating classes in the current third wave “we consider to be irresponsible and we cannot believe that you really made this arrangement”. We document the readable text in excerpts.

Bonn, April 14, 2021

"Dear Prime Minister Laschet, Dear Minister Dr. Stamp, dear Minister Gebauer, dear Minister Laumann,


Politicians keep asserting that they act cautiously and respect the protection against infection. We would very much like to believe that. However, we are very concerned about the increasing numbers of infections [1], especially in the age groups of daycare children and schoolchildren, and the overflowing intensive care units, in which the generation of the grandparents is no longer the generation of the parents with severe Covid-19 courses . Almost 50% of these patients will die. In the USA 40,000 children have lost at least one parent to Covid-19 so far [2], in France 20 children lost one parent at a school. [3]

Attending daycare and school is made dependent on conditions that do not correspond to the current infection rate, v. a. with regard to VOC B.1.1.7, which now accounts for 88% of infections in Germany and is both more infectious and pathogenic, d. H. spreads faster and makes you sicker.

Switching lessons in schools should take place if the AHA + L rules are implemented, in particular a distance of 1.5m can be maintained, hands are washed / disinfected, an MNS is worn and aired every 20 minutes. A new addition was the testing of the children with a quick test in school before the Easter holidays. The plan is to test pupils twice a week in the future - the test situation in the class with the MNS removed is completely unreasonable, as numerous reports from teachers and parents make clear.

These various measures are intended to protect against corona infection. However, according to scientific experts, they are not enough. For example, aerosol researchers clearly show how aerosols spread in classrooms and thus viruses move quickly and effectively between people in the room. This known health risk is not taken into account with any of the above measures. Ventilation can also have the opposite effect if it is ventilated “incorrectly” and aerosols are not diverted, but only distributed in the room, thereby significantly increasing and expanding the risk of infection. A health risk, such as the SARS-Cov-2 virus, cannot be compared with any previously known risk for children and their families and should by no means be underestimated. No other infectious disease to which children and their families in schools and daycare centers could be exposed to the same extent fills the intensive care units and leaves behind so many long-term sick people and those with multiple organs. Every political measure must take this into account. Covid-19 is new and the long-term effects on people, the health system and society are far from being assessed after a year of pandemic.

A few days ago it became known that a vaccine had also been developed for children from the age of 12

Science has developed a vaccine against Covid-19 in record time, several vaccines are available worldwide and countries in which vaccination progress is well advanced are showing hope that an end to the pandemic will have an effect on the health of the population. A few days ago it became known that a vaccine had also been developed for children from the age of 12. This is a great hopeful expectation for parents.

However, in Germany the vaccination rate for the first vaccination is only a good 16%, many persons entitled to vaccinate in risk group 1 and nursing staff could be vaccinated, and teachers and educators also have - according to Minister Dr. Stamp - get a vaccination offer. However, we note that by far not all persons in the education sector have already been vaccinated - an offer alone is not enough, the vaccination must also be carried out. In addition, optimal vaccination protection can only be expected after administration of both vaccine doses. This means that vaccinated teachers are only adequately protected 14 days after the second vaccination dose. Use in face-to-face lessons before this deadline knowingly endangers the educational staff and is not reasonable from our parents' point of view.

Protection against infection in schools and daycare centers with vaccination of educational staff is only one side of the coin. The downside is that children cannot be vaccinated yet and that parents and family members have not yet been vaccinated to a large extent. School only corresponds to a pandemic-adapted, safe place for learning and teaching and the child's living environment when everyone involved in the educational process and their relatives have received a realizable vaccination offer.

We are very concerned about these developments! We say no to the chaotic school opening and closing scenarios because the infection protection is NOT sufficient, especially with regard to the more than 50% more infectious variant B.1.1.7. We say no to face-to-face teaching and supervision as long as teachers, educators, supervisors and school attendants are not sufficiently vaccinated! We say no to face-to-face operations as long as parents and relatives are not vaccinated!

The pathogenic consequences of a SARS-Cov-2 infection affect children relatively less often and less severely, scientists agree on this and all parents are more than happy about it. Serious or fatal courses as well as threatening long-term consequences such as post-viral inflammation syndrome (PIMS) occur, but are comparatively rare.


Children of high-risk patients and children who are raised by one parent alone are particularly hard hit

The consequences of the pandemic for the children are much greater, however, through infection of their parents and relatives, through their possible long-term illness and death. (…) Children are particularly affected when, due to the high infectiousness of the virus, both parents become ill and can no longer take care of their children. This is particularly difficult for children of high-risk patients and children who are raised by one parent alone. If this parent is absent, has to be hospitalized or intubated for weeks, these children are left without the caregiver. The children's fears of losing one or both parents or experiencing a long-term illness are immense and damage the mental integrity traumatically and often irreparably.

To accept these massive risks for children and their families in order to realize classroom lessons interrupted by repeated quarantines, partial closures or full closings with limited learning success and limited opportunities seems to us to be more than disproportionate.


We generally welcome the obligation to test at educational institutions in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, but we have some critical comments:


The test situations in the classrooms are extremely dangerous as masks have to be removed

We are extremely concerned that this important tool for infection control is being misused as a so-called “door opener” in educational institutions, companies and business areas. In schools this means, to our horror, that if the incidence is high, children should be “free-tested” in order to be able to conduct apparently safe classroom teaching. The test situations are highly dangerous, as masks have to be removed and the test process can produce coughs or sneezes, so that aerosols can be released into the room without protection.

We are appalled by this “burning” of an effective means of infection control! We say no to tests that seem to safeguard face-to-face teaching. We say no to dangerous test situations in school classes! We say no to the increasing burden on teachers and parents!

We have clear ideas about how we want to get our children and families through the pandemic. Our primary goal is to stay healthy. We expect you, Mr. Laschet, Dr. Stamp, Ms. Gebauer and Mr. Laumann and all other politicians that you are doing everything to protect and preserve the life and health of the children and their families. "

Here you can read the entire letter - and sign it too.

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