What is life like as a Post Doc

Postdoc networks

For whom?
University: Postdocs, Researcher, Lecturer
Non-university: all persons and institutions in inclusive contexts

Wich goals?

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and transfer between practice and research
  • Contact and hub for (non-university) institutions and people


  • various event formats (working meetings, colloquia, conferences, workshops, ...)
  • joint research


The goal of the interdisciplinary inclusion network (In +) is to create a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on research and teaching at the intersection of inclusive subject didactics (s) and inclusive pedagogy. At the University of Bremen, the network is an initiative for the first time to establish a special networking offer for the status group of post-docs, researchers and lecturers in addition to the existing format of the doc networks. Another central concern of the network is to strengthen the transfer between scientific research and the practical field of schools. On the one hand, this is intended to create improved opportunities to integrate theoretically and empirically proven approaches of scientific inclusion research into the various phases of teacher training in the long term. On the other hand, the knowledge gained in practice should also be fed back into research and teaching, thus initiating an iterative process of reciprocal theory-practice transfer. In addition, the network would also like to be a point of contact and a contact person for other (non-university) institutions that deal theoretically or practically with inclusive education. In order to achieve these goals and to implement appropriate cooperations, various event formats are designed and implemented in the joint network work (regular working meetings, colloquia, conferences and workshops).

The name of the network "Inclusion Interdisciplinary" - in + ("In-Plus") for short, says it all: The + symbol in particular is intended to highlight the diversity of disciplines, professions and areas that come together in it, namely research and teaching, theory and practice, didactics and pedagogy, are symbolized and thus the openness for a diverse and interdisciplinary exchange is emphasized.

All interested parties are cordially invited to participate and can contact the network initiators if they have any questions.

Contact persons:

Joanna Pfingsthorn, Researcher, Subject Didactics English More
Lisa Schüler, Researcher, Subject Didactics German More
Julia Weltgen, Researcher, Inclusive Education More