How can boxer shorts stop dribbling pee

"Mom, did Uncle Pippi piss ?!"

Outsiders, who are not affected by profuse sweating on their buttocks, often react with obvious rejection when they see a "Poschwitzer" whose soaked trousers, clearly moist, immediately catches the eye. Children in particular can be cruel and yet only speak out what even adults prematurely misjudge due to a lack of awareness of the problem. The first thought, though rarely expressed aloud, is mostly "Incontinence" but also "lack of hygiene".

The vernacular often speaks of "ass sweating" and "Ass water" - Terms that in themselves have a hurtful effect.

Other classics in the daily gauntlet of a hyperhidrotic with heavily sweating buttocks are dark soaked chair covers and on smooth covers visible puddles of sweat when getting up, as well as an unpleasant odor nuisance due to the warm, humid environment in the crotch / intimate areas.
The base of the legs and the porch are particularly Anal groove), where unpleasant smells arise particularly quickly due to the increased bacterial growth. The sweat odor that arises in this process has a particularly pungent note compared to the usual sweat odor and, depending on its severity, is more or less similar to the odor of ammoniasulfur orCat urine.

Sweating on the bottom is common for those affected strong personal limitations, which can mean that the Poschwitzer hardly dares to socialize with people or consciously avoids many situations in daily life. Breaking this withdrawal from life is the ultimate goal of hyperhidrosis therapy!

A first step should be to see a dermatologist. To do this, the shame of the person concerned at involving strangers must be overcome so that the sweater can even accept medical help. The previous (anonymous!) Exchange with other affected persons can also be seen as very helpful!

Possible causes of butt sweating

  • hereditary hyperhidrosis
  • Overreaction of the nervous system responsible for sweating (sympathetic nervous system)
  • very overweight (Obesity)
  • hormonal disorders (e.g. during menopause, after childbirth, thyroid malfunction)
  • Metabolic disorders / changes (e.g.Diabetes mellitusFood changes or intolerance, giving up sporting activities)
  • Blood pressure disorders and circulatory problems
  • drug side effects as well as alcohol, nicotine or drug influence / withdrawal
  • chronically increased body temperature
  • Infectious diseases (e.g.tuberculosis) or autoimmune diseases (chronic inflammation, e.g.Rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Tumor diseases (Lymphomaleukemia)
  • Anxiety disorders and panic attacks
  • wrong diet (e.g. spicy food)
  • psychological influences (e.g. stress, shame, worries)

Immediate action against butt sweating

Extra tip: Relieve your psyche by testing textiles before buying! A small, water-filled pipette that you take with you when you buy your trousers is suitable for this. Drip on a little water and observe possible discoloration / darkening for at least 30 seconds. Certain patterns also help to hide otherwise easily visible sweat stains.

  • Wear cotton underwear (preferably airy boxer shorts)
  • Avoid tight clothing (prefer breathable materials)
  • Washes withSage extract or consumption ofSage tea
  • Aim for weight reduction if necessary
  • strive for / resume sporting activities
  • Apply baby powder thinly several times a day (but this can also lead to the formation of a gruel)
  • Removal of hair on the buttocks
  • Application of a skin-friendly antiperspirants such as AHC sensitive for the fastest possible sweat reduction
Antiperspirant application, body region, trunk