Wasps die after they sting

Once is never | How often can wasps
actually sting?

A bee stings only once, then it is dead! In this it differs fundamentally from a wasp, which can sting more than once - and does not die from it.

The bee sting gets stuck in the skin after the sting and tears off part of the animal's abdomen. Wasps, on the other hand, can easily pull their sting out of the skin and stab them several times.

But how often is actually multiple?

▶︎ Dr. Melanie von Orlow from the Federal Entomology Committee (BAG Hymenoptera): “You can't name it with a number. In fact, wasps can sting indefinitely. But what they practically never do, after the first stab at the latest, they feel resistance.

The stabbing has to be imagined as a flowing movement. The piercing bristles are applied from above. Important to know: The wasp does not have to give off poison every time it sticks.

Colleague Dr. Stefan Schmidt from the Zoological State Collection explains the many violent reactions to wasps this year, for example, with the repeated stabbing of insects. "Because the animals stab multiple times, it is quite possible that many animals have infected stings."

The "infected stings" also stemmed from the fact that the animals would go to carrion and are therefore "dirtier" than, for example, hornets, which could sting several times but would not go to carrion, says Dr. from Orlov in addition to concerns.

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