How is life as an interior designer

A day in the life of an architect

Do you imagine the life of an architect as that of a Ted Mosby? Frank shows you how the rabbit really works. He is a freelance architect in Vienna and has worked on the new Park & ​​Ride Garage Spittelau, among other things.

A day in the life of an architect

When do you get up on a typical work day?

I usually have to get up at 7:00 a.m. to make it to the office on time. When there is a construction meeting on the construction site outside of Vienna, I sometimes even have to get up at 4:30 a.m. in order to be there on time by rental car.

When do you come to work in the morning?

Usually around 8:00 a.m., but that can vary depending on external appointments.

What do you do first when you get to work?

Check emails, of course. Then the "day-to-day business" is on, this includes the coordination of questions that arise on the construction site as well as the approval of plans that we receive.

What are your main tasks at work?

Depends on whether we are in the submission phase, planning phase or the construction phase of a project.

In short, in the submission phase, a submission plan is drawn up and the building permit is obtained from the city council. You then have permission to build the project. The submission planning is a rough plan that then serves as the basis for the implementation planning.

In the planning phase, after the design has been completed and the submission has been completed, the detailed execution types of the various trades are discussed with the client and offers are obtained. A set of "polishing plans" that is as elaborated and detailed as possible is then the basis for the construction work.

In the execution phase, all necessary plans, including occasional updates of the polishing plans that are required on the construction site, are made and distributed to the responsible project participants; the plans that are sent to us by specialist planners must also be checked and approved.

What are your favorite tasks to do?

The "tinkering" with execution details in order to enable the cleanest and clearest possible architecture in the end. The development and testing of the alternative types of execution in order to create the most unique and creative solution possible for the task in constant consultation with the client.

Which tasks are less popular with you?

Plan approvals. There is a lot of responsibility here. Much can be overlooked. But the time required should of course be kept to a minimum.

What stresses you the most during your work?

New problems constantly arise in the course of a construction site, which require the fastest possible solutions, but the construction schedule shows no mercy and continues.

When do you usually end your working day?

The working day usually lasts until 7:00 p.m., but late shifts until midnight are possible at least once a month.

Why are you passionate about your job?

It sounds cheesy, but when you stand in front of the finished building after all the stress (and of course you succeeded), it gives you a very good feeling.

How did you get into your job?

That was done quite normally via an unsolicited application. I went to circa. 40 offices advertised and 3 had job interviews. I could then choose which of the 3 I would like to start with.

Have you completed a specific training course for your job??

Architecture studies at the RWTH Aachen.

What activities do you do to compensate for your job?

If possible, I play pool and tennis once a week. In times of stress, however, the work-life balance can also suffer. You have to have a lot of fun at work, otherwise the stress can overwhelm you.