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Kanji of the month: "FUTSU, BUTSU, hotoke

FUTSU, BUTSU, hotoke- Buddha,

French …

Unfortunately, autumn has already arrived in Germany at the beginning of September, so that in October, which is darkening faster and faster every day, I can say to us with a particularly simple and yet important symbol for Japanese culture or kanji want to comfort - that for Buddha!

We don't have to remember anything new here: as a radical on the left (hito) the human (after all, the historical Buddha was also human) and on the right, quite simply a katakana-mu ム, as we did in the window last month ( mado) had seen.

This is a simplification - it used to be used for purely phonetic reasons - "FUTSU" or. "BUTSU“Resembled the Sanskrit word“ buddha ”most of all. Incidentally, the latter was also used for this because of its visual similarity to the dollar sign, but today you can only find the $ directly in Japan.

This is doubly right for us, because we don't like to associate the dollar sign with Buddha, but "must", That reminds us of the" nothing "of Zen Buddhism (not that the kanji something to do with each other, they are just both "must“) And we like to take that as a donkey bridge.

This month's will also be for phonetic reasons kanji also for everything French "(ラ ン ス) “is used.

Live like Buddha in France with just four brushstrokes ...



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