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Status: 05/22/2021 8:40 a.m.

"Football can do more" - under this title nine prominent women from the German sport have published a catalog of demands to the German Football Association (DFB). It is about a quota for women and more say for women in football. Matthias Steiner comments.

by Matthias Steiner

The old white men in the DFB have to dress warmly. The claim paper by the former HSV official Katja Kraus and her colleagues caused a great stir. The startled association reacted immediately and invited the women to a dialogue - to "stand up for diversity in football together". That sounds like the whistle in the forest. The ranks of powerful men in the DFB are simply afraid of losing influence. The current DFB officials also know that the demands for more women in management positions are completely justified and long overdue.

No equality in 121 years of the DFB

"But lasting changes take time," says the association. That's a ridiculous excuse, because the 121-year-old DFB would have had all the time in the world to create the framework for more equality. Hannelore Ratzeburg from Hamburg is the only woman on the DFB board who has been fighting for her gender for years, but has always been at a losing position so far.

Well chosen time

But now it could be quick. The timing of the publication of the demands is perfectly chosen. Not only since the resignation of the DFB President Fritz Keller, there has been naked chaos in the management floor of the world's largest sports association. And with Katja Kraus, a competent woman has thrown her hat into the ring - of course with the usual formulations such as "I don't really have any ambitions" "and" if you make demands, then it is part of taking responsibility at one point ". I think it would be great if a woman won the question of power at the DFB.

Other networks are not noticed

What annoys me in the long overdue discussion is something completely different. We have had the network of Sports Women Hamburg here with us for a long time. Women from different areas of sport organized a regular exchange - but the public hardly noticed that. Half the nation only reacts immediately when changes are publicly warned in football.

Anyway, the required quota of women of at least 30 percent in the management positions of the associations and clubs makes perfect sense. The next few weeks will be exciting.

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