What is more important god or country

For many Jews are Israel and Jerusalem the most important places in the world. It is especially sacred to them Temple mount in Jerusalem. A holy place is also that synagogue. It is the house of God where Jews pray and celebrate services.

According to tradition, God asked Abraham on the site of today's Temple Mount to tie his son on the altar. That is why King David's son Solomon had a temple built there almost 3,000 years ago. A golden chest was kept in the sanctuary of this temple. her name was Ark of the Covenant and contained the Ten Commandmentsthat God brought to Moses on Mount Sinai. The temple was destroyed twice. The ark was carried off both times. It is still unclear what happened to her during the last abdication.

Today the magnificent Dome of the Rock, which Muslims built, stands on the site of the temple. For them and for Christians, the Temple Mount is also a holy place.

Ezra and Nehemiah had once built the second temple with the returnees from exile in Babylon. You can read this story in the Hebrew Bible in the books "Ezra" and "Nehemiah". Herod the Great had their temple expanded. Today only the western part of the protective wall remains. Jews call them Kotel. She is also called Western wall or Wailing wall known. Many Jews visit them to pray there.

Your questions about the holy places in Judaism

Which places are holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims at the same time?