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Raw Chef Academy

6 day intensive course

Dates in 2021

April 13th - 18th (Berlin, Level 1)

Content Level 1 (Basic)

In this intensive course, the main focus is on the basics and advanced techniques of contemporary vegan raw food cuisine. First, basic principles are introduced: equipment, goods / ingredients, knife and cutting techniques as well as basic processing techniques.

In particular, the focus is on a raw food kitchen, which uses techniques and ingredients in such a way that dishes are created that are really easy to digest and healthy and which above all meet the culinary demands of today. In particular, serving techniques are taught and the correct seasoning of dishes is taught.

In particular, fermentation is highlighted as a processing technique, as it is a main component of modern raw food cuisine. Fermented nut creams, fresh cheese, yoghurts, matured nut cheeses, sauerkraut and kimchee, kefir and kombucha are examples of fermented basic ingredients, the production of which is taught in the course.

After the demonstration, the course participants will prepare most of the dishes themselves and thus gain practical experience.

What is practically prepared?

(an excerpt)

Yoghurts, cream cheese, matured nut cheeses

Nut milk and creamy smoothies

Granola and Bircher muesli

Chia pudding variations

Breads and crackers

Soups (creamy and broths)

Main courses

(Lasagne, zucchini, spaghetti variations,
Wild rice risotto, sushi, ravioli, oriental falafel plate,

Quinoa pizza, etc.)


Desserts and cakes

probiotic cheesecake

fluffy mousse

Tempered chocolate

In addition, well-founded theoretical knowledge is imparted.

These include:

What does raw food mean in particular, why is raw not just raw?

What about vitamins and minerals?

Water: the most important element, what characterizes good water?

Fermentation in theory

The foundations of Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Glycemic indexes and loads of what makes sugar in the body

and more

Visiting lecturers

Thomas Hartwig

Water expert, owner Leogant

will give a 3 hour expert lecture on the topic of water

Yesha Karmeli

(only in Berlin)

Alternative practitioner, detox expert

will give a 3 hour expert lecture on nutrition, detoxification, vitamins and minerals and deficiency symptoms.


Content Level 2 (Advanced)

In this intensive course, the main focus is on the advanced techniques of modern raw food cuisine. The basic requirement for participation in this course is successful participation in the Raw Chef Basic (Level 1). All basic techniques and the familiar handling of the common equipment for raw food preparation (high-performance mixer, food processor, dehydrator, knife techniques, spiral cutter) are required.

In particular, the following new techniques are introduced

Vegan cheese production


Sous vide

Foams with the siphon

Ice creams

Paco Jet

An essential part of this advanced training is the recipe development and the in-depth taste theory. The participants are instructed and trained to develop their own recipes and create menus that meet the higher culinary standard of advanced training.

The aim of the week is for each group of participants to develop, prepare and present a three-course menu to the group on the final day.

more details

Each participant receives a comprehensive 70-page booklet with theory and recipes as well as a final certificate.

daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.

Seminar location in Berlin

Cook's Connection

Accommodation must be organized privately. E.g. via Airbnb.

Seminar location in Munich

Sebastian Copien Cooking School

Grünwald (near Berlin)

(Tram stop "Derbolfinger Platz")

Accommodation must be organized privately. We can give tips on request.

The number of participants is limited to 12 people.


1495,- €

per course

(Meals every day and recipe / theory folder included)

When registering, a non-refundable amount of € 300.00 registration fee is due.

Registrations at

[email protected]

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