Is Sansa still married to Tyrion

Is Sansa and Tyrion's marriage still legitimate?

Source:Wiki of course, where else would we get our knowledge?

The books

The Wikia page states that a marriage can be annulled if it is not consummated. This can only be done on request and must be done by the High Septon or be approved by a council of faith.

This means that a marriage does not automatically become invalid if it is not consummated.

The TV series

Often on the TV series it is said that Sansa and Tyrion's marriage is illegitimate because it was not consummated. Most of the time this is said by people who want to marry Sansa to someone else or who want to benefit from their lack of marriage.

If If the television series were to follow the rules of marriage in the books, Sansa's marriage to Ramsey would not be legitimate, but her marriage to Tyrion could be.

The information on how an annulment would work could be retained as a plot change when the two characters meet again.

Or the TV series has already given us all the information about marriages, automatically canceling the unfinished wedding if we are supposed to believe what (for example) Littlefinger said.

In this case, Sansa is now a widow.


The Wikia also states that women who are forced to marry hostage (not to be confused with the mere coercion of their parents) can also apply for annulment.

That way, Sansa could still file for annulment because she was forced to marry Tyrion.

Hanover Faust

Who can she ask for repeal now?


@ HannoverFist the gods


@HannoverFist There will most likely be a Faith Council gathered in the Star Monastery in the old town and now seeing what happened to the existing council and headquarters in September of Baelor in KL. The council will then crown a new High Septon who will be in the Old City. The old town is ruled by Hightowers, the banner people of Tyrells. Tyrells are with Daenerys. Aegon the Conqueror was crowned in the Star Monastery of the High Septon. Maybe Daenerys will be crowned there too. Hmmm