What is Kolkata Class Destroyer

India - KOLKATA class destroyer

CHENNAI launched
Image source: Mazagon / Rediff

The CHENNAI, christened by the defense minister's wife, is the last ship of this class for the time being - a “complete in-house development”, the construction of which was approved by the government in May 2000. It is currently unclear whether an option for a further three units will be exercised. In September 2003 the keel of the type ship KOLKATA was laid, which according to the original plan was to be put into service in 2007, but was only launched in 2006. It is now realistically assumed that it will be commissioned in 2012.

The project number 15A of the new ships shows that they are a direct successor to the DELHI class destroyers (project 15) also built at Mazagon in the 1990s. With a fully loaded 7,000 ts, both classes are almost identical in size, but differ in detail. The new ships should have more pronounced stealth properties and of course reflect the technological advancement that has taken place in the meantime.

It is proud to point out that “most of the weapon systems” come from domestic armaments factories. For example, instead of the Russian SS-N-25 sea target aircraft equipped on the DELHI class, they are equipped with 16 sea target aircraft brahmos to be fired from a vertical take-off system (developed together with Russia, supersonic fast, land target capable, range almost 300 km). Originally self-developed Trishul missiles with a long range were intended for air defense and airspace defense. However, after various failures, this system is not mass-produced. Instead, the new destroyers will probably benefit from the joint development and procurement of Barak-II / NG (Barak New Generation, range 60km) agreed with Israel Aircraft Industries in January 2006.

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