What's great about the Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills

In the morning we moved into our new place to stay for the next 3 weeks: a sleek 4.70 m long camperbus will be a warm and safe sleeping nest for us for the next few weeks, offer cooking facilities for exquisite pasta dishes with tomato sauce and take us along the Great Ocean Road beautiful places along the Australian coast. We are already looking forward to the feeling of freedom during our little road trip ... πŸ™‚
After we threw ourselves into the traffic in Adelaide and I slowly got the hang of the left-hand traffic (shifting with the left is really "strange" but Susi is the optimal alarm siren if I accidentally wander into the right lane again) , let's first roll a little inland into the Adelaide Hills. Our destination: The Gorge Wildlife Parc. A small wildlife park with the unique feature that you can cuddle koalas here. We arrive at the park just in time for the cuddle hour and are not disappointed. A few minutes later we are both holding a cute, cuddly, cuddly koala bear in our arms. What a nice feeling, no teddy bear in the world could be softer and cuddly. And contrary to some of the rumors we heard before, our copy definitely doesn't smell. On the contrary, we both even imagine a delicate eucalyptus scent ...
After the extensive cuddling session, the koalas first get their well-deserved break and make themselves comfortable in their branches for an afternoon nap. The sweet koala bears will unfortunately no longer be able to tell us whether the exhaustion of the now clearly noticeable heat is to be taken into account or whether it was caused by Susi's intense cuddling attack ... πŸ˜€ We ourselves are going on another journey of discovery through the wildlife park and learn get to know the Australian fauna up close: a wide variety of kangaroos (who like to be fed by us), beautiful colorful species of birds, meerkats, flying foxes, camels, and and and ... we are enthusiastic about the beautiful animals and quickly forget that In this park poisonous snakes can scurry along the paths ... πŸ˜‰Read more