Can you get out of a hospital?

Discharge from hospital

A stay in hospital is an unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable situation for many patients. A large number of examinations and treatments are often carried out during the stay. At the end of the hospital stay, there is discharge. What you should be aware of and what you should definitely know about discharge from the hospital.

How does the discharge from the hospital work?

The discharge is at the end of the treatment in the hospital. In most cases the doctor will a few days before discharge Know the discharge date and discuss it with the patient. On the day of discharge, the attending physician gives the patient a so-called Doctor's letter or Discharge letter out. This letter contains all the important information about the hospital stay that was carried out Examinations and treatments and the current ones Medication of the patient. It is written in medical terminology and serves that purpose further treatment Doctor - this is usually the Family doctor - as information that helps him plan what to do after he is discharged from the hospital.

As a patient, you should make sure to request the doctor's letter from the treating doctor, if he has not already issued it. The letter will usually be sent to the doctor who will carry out further treatment by post delivered, but this can take a few weeks. Therefore you should definitely send the discharge letter that you received in the hospital next appointment Bring it to the doctor who will carry out further treatment. In this way, he or she can discuss the next steps for optimal treatment of the disease with the patient.

What time does the discharge from the hospital take place?

Many hospitals have a lot streamline scheduleregarding the occupancy of their beds. That is why most of them find layoffs in the morning or in the morning so that the next patient can quickly move into the room. In some cases, e.g. B. If an examination is still pending or the discharge letter has not yet been written, the discharge can also be delayed. It is recommended, early Talk to the attending physician about the time of discharge so that you can plan your departure from the hospital accordingly.

What if the patient needs a transport ticket after discharge?

In case the patient has one after discharge from the hospital transport required, d. H. If you cannot go home alone, there is the possibility that the attending doctor will issue a transport ticket. The health insurance company will only cover the costs of transport if you have such a certificate.

In order to be able to issue a transport ticket, the Trip in connection with medical care stand and mandatory be. This need arises, for example, at people in need of carewho cannot leave the hospital alone or be picked up by a relative. It is recommended for patients in time Talk to the attending physician about whether he can issue a transport ticket. In this way it can be ensured that the further course of action after discharge from the hospital is clear.

Is it possible to discharge yourself from the hospital early?

In some cases, patients can be hospitalized off own decision quit early. One speaks of a "Dismissal against medical advice". When a patient makes this decision, there are a few things to consider.

Almost all patients are allowed to leave the hospital early. However there is two exceptionsto be observed:

1) Patients with a contagious infectious disease: If a patient suffers from a contagious infectious disease, they can be refused to leave the hospital early. This rule applies to the Endangering others to be avoided by the patient.

2) patients who freshly operated are: Freshly operated patients are allowed to own protection not be discharged prematurely from the hospital.

This applies to all patients who do not fall under these exemptions Right of self-determination. You are free to decide when to end your hospital stay. Because premature termination of treatment too Risks In such a case, patients must inform their doctor about these risks enlightened become. Besides, they have to confirm in writingthat she went to the hospital anyway against medical advice want to leave early.

For all the risks associated with early discharge from the hospital, the patient must stick yourself. If he leaves the hospital of his own volition before the treatment is completed, he can afterwards no claims against the hospital or attending physician, if there is one harm to health comes.

In the vast majority of cases, hospitalization is absolutely necessary. It is therefore advisable to wait for the entire duration of your stay and to take advantage of all examinations and treatments. Only in special exceptional cases Patients should exercise their right to stop treatment early.

What if the hospital stay is followed by rehab?

In the case of some diseases, the acute hospital stay can be a Follow-up treatment (Rehabilitation, rehab) follow. Whether such a measure in the individual case necessary or useful is best discussed with the treating doctor in the hospital or with the referring doctor. In such cases, the further course of action can be planned directly with the attending physician. For example, the Transport to the rehabilitation clinic be initiated.

Upon discharge from the hospital, the patient receives a Variety of documents. One Discharge letter, in which an overview of the treatment carried out in the hospital Investigations and current Medication are listed and often additionally the Findings the examinations carried out (e.g. x-rays, findings from a gastroscopy or colonoscopy). These documents are very important for further treatment. It is therefore of great importance to keep them clearly arranged and to be able to view them easily.

Important NOTE: This article contains only general information and descriptions on the subject of hospital discharge. It is not suitable for self-diagnosis or self-treatment and under no circumstances can it replace a doctor's visit.

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