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The ruins of Teotihuacan

About 50 km northeast of Mexico City is located one of the most important ruins in the history of the cultures of Mexico: Teotihuacan. This was the dominant culture as the forerunner of the Aztec Empire. Later the site became a place of pilgrimage for the Aztecs. The cave system and ruins that date from 200 BC. Were gradually built, encompass a huge area, which in its heyday probably consisted of 75 temples and 600 workshops. Between 200,000 and 300,000 inhabitants are said to have once lived here. At that time it is said to have been the largest cultural and spiritual-religious center in Mesoamerica with brisk trade.

The importance of Teotihuacan for Mexico

The ruins of Teotihuacán were also a holy place, a burial place for kings. The impressive design principles were taken up by later cultures. The influence of the powerful city-state was found in large parts of Mexico, even as far as Guatemala. Out of the numerous imposing buildings, extraordinary paintings, decorations and holy places, two particularly stand out: The Temple of the Sun (Pirámide del Sol) and the Moon Temple (Pirámide de la Luna). Since the end of the 80s, the fascinating complex has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with many other Mexican attractions.

Excursion to the ruins of Teotihuacan

From Mexico City, Teotihuacán can be reached for a day trip by bus. After about an hour's bus ride, you are standing by this huge area, which, in addition to its impressive buildings, also has the local museum of Teotihuacán to offer.

Our tip: The lunar pyramid offers visitors a breathtaking view of the entire Teotihuacán complex. Perfect for unique photo shoots!

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