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Anghami and the best Anghami Music Downloader


Anghami is an excellent music streaming service. It offers various Arabic and international music to stream and download for offline mode. However, there does not seem to be enough information about Anghami. Many people are curious about Anghami and have no idea which is the better music app, Anghami or Spotify.

In this article, I'll be comparing Anghami and Spotify. Hence, you can choose the music service that suits you.

Also, I will tell you how to download Anghami music for free. I find a lot of people asking how to download music from Anghami and how to get Anghami plus for free. However, in Anghami, you can only enjoy the unlimited music with a subscription.

Let us continue.

Part 1. Anghami versus Spotify

Anghami is a legal music streaming platform in the Arab world. You can listen to millions of Arabic music and international tracks on Anghami.

Since Spotify was launched in the Middle East and North Africa, many people have been confused about whether Anghami is better than Spotify?

After all, Spotify is the best music streaming service while Anghami is dominant in the Middle East.

Both Anghami and Spotify have a huge collection of songs. Anghami is designed to provide the largest catalog of licensed content from major Arabic labels. Spotify has over 20 million songs and is usually the quickest access to new music. Plus, it's available in MENA with dozens of locally curated playlists for every mood and moment.

Aside from having great music resources, Spotify and Anghami have their own distinctive features.

Spotify has a free version and it helps find new artists to your liking. Also, Spotify uses a great algorithm to create a playlist for you every Monday.

Anghami makes it easy to find similar songs. When you find a song you like, you can click that option for songs that are pretty similar. Plus, when you hear a song around you and know its title or want to add it to your library. You can radar it. Just long press the search option, then tap on radar. That's a great feature. In addition, there is a text for almost every song that can be easily synchronized with the song. In addition, Anghami offers a seamless experience to listen to music.

Part 2. The Best Anghami Music Downloader

Anghami is dedicated to providing all kinds of Arabic music. However, you cannot enjoy the service without a subscription. If you want to play Anghami music for free or download it from Anghami without spending a dime, I recommend a versatile music player and downloader AnyMusic.

First of all, AnyMusic is a safe and clean app. There are no bundled plugins or ads to bother you. Plus, it's a powerful app that lets you download music from 1000+ websites. The embedded browser in AnyMusic will help you find out Anghami's Arabic music easily. In addition, the intuitive user interface offers many dedicated images. I bet you will feel encouraged with the texts in these pictures.

Now we install AnyMusic and start Anghami plus download now!

  • Start AnyMusic and search for Anghami music by title, artist or album, etc. By the way, a search for Anghami is enough to find out all of Anghami music.
  • Choose the music you want to download and select it. There are various audio and video formats to choose from.

Tip: AnyMusic is a quick way to download music in batches.

  • Find Anghami Music and hit the batch download button.
  • Select the music videos you want to download and keep clicking the Download button.
  • Select multiple videos to batch download.

Now you can listen to Anghami music for free. Have fun.


Above I gave you a general idea of ​​how Anghami is doing. Also, I recommend the best Anghami alternative AnyMusic. Whether you want to play Anghami songs or download Anghami plus for free, AnyMusic can help you.

AnyMusic is not just a gamer or Anghami downloader, it is your friends too. If you have no idea what music suits your mood right now, choose AnyMusic. It inspires you with beautiful lyrics and featured playlists. Let's find more spotlights on AnyMusic now!

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