Which gin is the best value

Our 10 best-selling and our 10 best gins of 2020 *

Over 450 types of gins are available for purchase in the online shop. In 2009 we were one of the first online shops to have over 100 types of gins in our range. In this gin guide we want to introduce the 10 best-selling types of gins in the online shop. Likewise popular gins, our gin tips and trends. Gin has been trendy since 2011 and is becoming increasingly popular. While the bitter taste was rather unpopular until 2010, this has changed in recent years. And with the Monkey47 Gin, the trend really took off in Germany. The Black Forest Gin was convincing in terms of quality. In the meantime, even tonic water is being turned into a science.

Best gin brand in the world?

There is no such thing as the best gin brand or type of gin in the world. There are several competitions each year, but almost always another gin wins. At the IWSC 2018 in London, the GINSTR gin from Stuttgart was named the best gin in the world. More than 600 gin manufacturers from 90 countries submitted their distillates. In 2011 the Monkey 47 Gin was named the best gin in the world. In 2017 it was the Bathtub Gin - Navy Strength and in 2016 the Hernö Export Strength Gin. In 2015 the Hernö Juniper Cask Gin and in 2014 the world's best gin was the Bourbon Barreled Big Gin. In 2018 it was the BOAR gin from Germany. But here, too, there is again a division into the world's best dry gin and other categories. However, it doesn't matter which gin brand is the best in the world either. But which gin is of very good quality at a reasonable price and tastes good to you. Only the taste counts. This is followed by the price, brand name and reputation of the product.

Trendy gin varieties - best-selling gin 2020 according to our sales 2020 *

If you were to get the list right, you would have to distinguish between London Dry Gin, Dry Gin, New Western Dry Gin, Distilled Gin, Sloe Gin and Reserve Gin. Our 10 best-selling gins are the ones that sell best in the online shop. The best-selling types of gins in 2020 were determined after the sale and compared with several other befriended online shops. If you order one of the most popular types of gins listed below, you can hardly go wrong. All types of gins are very good and of high quality. The gin sorts ranking was not divided between 1-10, but you can find the 10 best-selling gin sorts here.

  • Tanqueray London Dry Gin 0.7l 43.1%
    15,57 €*
    (Price per liter: € 22.24)
  • Brockmans Intensely Smooth Gin Gift Set 0.7 liters 40% vol.
    30,87 €*
    (Price per liter: € 44.10)
  • The Illusionist Gin 0.5 liter 45% vol. (DE-ÖKO-064)
    35,28 €*
    (Price per liter: € 70.56)
  • 39,93 €*
    (Price per liter: € 39.93)
  • 32,94 €*
    (Price per liter: € 65.88)
  • Monkey 47 Black Forest Dry Gin 0.5l 47%
    32,93 €*
    (Price per liter: € 65.86)
  • Botanist Islay Dry Gin by Bruichladdich 0.7l 46%
    31,75 €*
    (Price per liter: € 45.36)
  • Gin Mare 1 liter 42.7% vol.
    40,74 €*
    (Price per liter: € 40.74)
  • Ruhrgin 0.5 liter 47% vol.
    23,95 €*
    (Price per liter: € 47.90)
  • 31,94 €*
    (Price per liter: € 45.63)

Our best gin varieties 2020 - Gin top 15 tips - Our recommendations *

We tried every gin sold in the shop. From our perspective, the best gins of 2020 are gins that taste very good and where you don't necessarily pay attention to the price. The 10-15 best gins aren't the top 10 most popular gins. It's all about quality, reputation and rankings. And when it comes to gin, Germany is considered a pioneer in terms of quality and creativity. It is therefore worthwhile to include the German gins in the purchase decision. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about gin. Here is our list of the 10 best gins of 2020. However, the ranking from 1 to 10 does not reflect the position. Because personal taste also plays a major role.

1. Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin
2. Hayman's Old Tom Gin
3. Gin Mare
4. Ungava Canadian Gin
5. Siegfried Dry Gin
6. Hernö Juniper Cask Gin
7. Boar Premium Dry Gin
8. Elephant Gin
9. Dingle Original Gin
10. Monkey 47 gin

  • Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin 0.5 liter 41% vol.
    28,94 €*
    (Price per liter: € 57.88)
  • Hayman's Old Tom Gin 0.7 liters 41.4% vol.
    24,95 €*
    (Price per liter: € 35.64)
  • Dingle Original Gin 0.7 liters 42.5% vol.
    33,93 €*
    (Price per liter: € 48.47)
  • Windspiel Premium Dry Gin Reserve 0.5l 49.3%
    74,46 €*
    (Price per liter: € 148.92)
  • 35,00 €*
    (Price per liter: € 50.00)
  • BOAR Premium Dry Gin 0.5 liter 43% vol.
    34,54 €*
    (Price per liter: € 69.08)
  • Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin 0.7 liters 45.7% vol.
    50,42 €*
    (Price per liter: € 72.03)
  • 32,94 €*
    (Price per liter: € 65.88)
  • Ki No Bi Sei Kyoto Dry Gin 0.7 liters 54.5% vol.
    60,71 €*
    (Price per liter: € 86.73)
  • 35,93 €*
    (Price per liter: € 71.86)
  • Monkey 47 Black Forest Dry Gin 0.5l 47%
    32,93 €*
    (Price per liter: € 65.86)
  • Ungava Canadian Gin 0.7l 43.1%
    28,40 €*
    (Price per liter: € 40.57)
  • Le Tribute Gin 0.7 liters 43% vol.
    35,93 €*
    (Price per liter: € 51.33)

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* Note: Our best products are our category best recommendations. Overall, the products are the best of the entire product range. The best-selling and most popular products are the products that we have sold the most in the online shop in the last six months. These products were calculated from sales over the past six months.