How do Scorpio men test a woman

Conquer Scorpio Man: The 5 Best Tips

Scorpio men are not complicated, but they are anything but easy. Behind him is a person who knows exactly what they want from life, a possible partner or an informal love affair. Since they do not immediately reveal their feelings except for passion, they are harder to read than other zodiac signs. And this is exactly where you need to work. You can find out how to do this with the following 5 tips:

  • sincerity: Scorpio men are one of the zodiac signs who notice lies the fastest and are instinctively turned off by them. Right from the start, you shouldn't cover up whether you are currently in a relationship or have been single for a long time. The Scorpio-Man desires sincere openness and will thereby have you in focus.
  • Avoid small talk: In-depth discussions about shared hobbies are particularly helpful in conquering the Scorpio man. The gentlemen are passionate about various passions and like to talk about them. Do not be afraid to express your own opinion on topics, because this is what Scorpio really gets into.
  • Challenge: Scorpio men are true conquerors and get bored easily if you act too easy. Don't accept every suggestion right away, wait a while before agreeing on a date and stay mysterious because he loves the game. But don't give him the cold shoulder unnecessarily.
  • style: Scorpios are known for their passionate flirtation and sexual energy. For this reason, well-dressed women quickly catch the eyes of men, which you should take advantage of. Rely on a style that suits you without being too revealing. A well-cut dress or a mix of pants and blouse is enough if it suits you.
  • Spend time together: A date or meeting with Scorpio men doesn't have to be extravagant. A stylish bar or a casual togetherness in the city park are enough, as scorpions like to live in the moment. Excursions that can be combined with one's own hobbies (e.g. concerts, window shopping, tarot reading) are also recommended.