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Quora: Questions and Answers

If there is one project that is currently making the hearts of all IT professionals in Silicon Valley beat faster, then it is the Quora question and answer platform. The concept is simple: you ask a question on a specific topic and the experts present answer it.

The difference to portals like Gute Question, Yahoo Answers or Ask is the quality. In Quora there are hardly any spelling mistakes, no grammar sprawl or "leet" language. If you ask a new question, the software will point out inconsistencies, such as a missing question mark. Questions asked can be edited later by other users, for example to adjust spelling or grammar errors or to make the question more understandable. The same applies to answers - here, too, the community can intervene as a corrective.

Among other things, this measure is the reason that Quora is not just a place for ordinary people, but also for top-class experts. This includes, for example, successful CEOs, founders or other Silicon Valley legends. A good example of the quality of Quora is how much AOL spent on the ubiquitous CDs in the 90s. Within a very short time Steve Case, the former founder and chairman of AOL, Jan Brandt, the former CMO and other veterans got in touch and answered the question with facts, figures and anecdotes.

The question remains: Can Quora be successful where giants like Google have already struggled? The platform is also dealing with this, for example on this question of the long-term orientation of the platform. The money is unlikely to run out anytime soon - in March 2010 Quora was able to secure funding of 86 million US dollars from Benchmark Capital.