Where does the word picnic come from?

Picnic - where does it come from?

Everyone knows the picnic. But since when has it actually existed and why is it called that?

Yesterday it was picture-perfect weather in Bavaria and someone came up with the idea of ​​having a picnic. So we packed all the necessary things: blankets, chairs, food and drinks and made our way to the lake.

Since I usually want to get to the bottom of things by nature, it made sense to examine the term more closely. The name picnic supposedly comes from French and includes the words "pique" and "nique", which should mean something like: "Pick a little something". However, the English also claim the naming for themselves. Since the invention of the "picnic" as we know it today goes back to the English, that might as well be possible. It became particularly popular there in the 19th century because Queen Victoria liked to eat her meals in the countryside. The English also established the classic picnic basket with plates, dishes and blankets.

Origin of the picnic

Whatever the origin of the picnic, people all over the world like to eat together outdoors. This fact has not changed for thousands of years and will probably always remain so. Eating together loosens the atmosphere, stimulates conversation, builds bridges and facilitates togetherness. It is not for nothing that business lunches are held between trading partners.

God also knows about this fact. Jesus never missed an opportunity to participate in social life while he was alive, and that included eating. This behavior was continued by the first Christians, some of whom ate together on a daily basis. I don't know how often they did this outdoors.

The picnic by the lake was definitely good for us, the food tastes twice as good in nature in community!

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