Is acting a learnable skill?

Mission statement

The Universal-Stiftung Helmut Ziegner is a private, non-profit organization of voluntary welfare, which has set itself the goal of helping to cope with social problems and taking on all associated tasks.

The Universal Foundation offers high quality social services for disadvantaged young people - regardless of their ethnic origin, nationality, religion, ideology or gender - with the aim of empowering them to lead a life under independent conditions. She reaches her clientele in their social context, individually or in groups. Representing the interests of its clientele, primarily in the vocational training sector, always requires value and norm-oriented political action, is geared towards the common good and also represents a convincing offer of meaning and orientation in modern society. As a member organization of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Universal safeguards -Foundation nevertheless independence. It guarantees transparency of its target group-oriented work and endeavors to allow didactic, methodical and content-related versatility in its offers.

The Universal-Stiftung Helmut Ziegner sees itself as an independent organization that advocates a humane society, but also - depending on the occasion - exerts political influence through appropriate committees, among other things. through the targeted promotion of democratic thinking and acting. She practices solidarity and strengthens the personal responsibility of the people entrusted to her for the community. The needs and expectations as well as the respective living situation of the clientele, but also their individual possibilities and skills characterize the guideline for professional action. Professional and competent action as well as reliability in decisions are indispensable and determine the success and credibility of the Universal Foundation. Full-time and part-time employees have jointly submitted to the objective of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction among internal (clientele) and external customers (clients); this, among other things, on the way of entering constant improvement of the (social) service processes.

The foundation finances its activities from public grants as well as limited fees for services and donations. The proper and lawful use of the funds is checked by internal and external audits. The operating results are an important, if not the most essential, criterion for assessing the success of the Universal Foundation.

With regard to effective support structures, changes that include cost-conscious action are imperative and mean a commitment to overall profitability. High professional standards and the foundation's own benchmarks of values ​​vis-à-vis the clientele looking for help and support, but of course also vis-à-vis clients, require the management of material and human resources by means of meaningful indicators that are determined according to qualitative, innovative, quantitative and economic criteria.

In the interests of the people entrusted to it, the Universal-Stiftung Helmut Ziegner will have a say in the social dialogue and will continue to work actively to ensure that social justice and solidarity can remain the core of its actions.