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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (Latest Model) - 1TB Jet Black Game Console

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  • With the PlayStation 4 Pro from Sony you acquire a particularly popular model from the manufacturer. The game console with surround sound is matt black and has a hard drive capacity of 1 TB. The AMD x86-64 Jaguar processor with 8 cores provides sufficient performance. In addition, the PlayStation is internet-enabled and compatible with Blu-ray, and the network connection is wireless.

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    • Amd X86-64 Jaguar, 8 cores
    • Wireless gaming controller
    • Blu-Ray Compatible, Internet

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    Meets my expectations

    • Great condition, great price, big switch from Nintendo to Sony.

      Great, I have a new model and as in the title, the latest PS4 Pro model CUH-7216B was delivered. Small deduction: the original packaging was opened in advance, the headset accessories were loose, some pockets were open. The set was still complete and the console and controller remained untouched. It takes a bit of getting used to for a Nintendo player like me, where the joysticks and the buttons are differently positioned.

      Confirmed Purchase: Yes | Condition: New

    • by valvrosa06. Jan. 2021

      Overall, a great console

      When the PS5 was released, we thought that this would allow us to get a PS4 Pro for a fair price - and that was the best decision anyone could make! The latest predecessor model of the PS5 runs flawlessly and smoothly, offers great graphics and runs amazingly quietly (even with longer playing times, e.g. 3 hours upwards), whether lying down or standing. All in all a top console for people who are patient and wait until the prices of the PS5 have leveled off again. We ourselves will probably get a PS5 for a hopefully acceptable price in half a year. Until then, we'll have a lot of fun with the PS4 Pro!

      Confirmed Purchase: Yes | Item condition: used

    • Playstation 4 Pro impresses me

      I have now obtained a suitable console for the UHD TV. Good choice Panasonic and PlayStation !! Ps4 is no longer free online, but a subscription is combined with free games. Microsoft is the same with its X Box X bolides. However, Sony is still ahead of the game. The biggest difference is the range of games, unfortunately ... Eg God of War, The Last of Us, etc. That's why I buy both consoles as a hobby gamer. PC gaming is not necessary. The Playstation's multimedia offerings are another big plus. A UHD screen without a TV could become a Super Smart TV.

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      Confirmed Purchase: Yes | Item condition: used

    • Great device with great game

      An incredibly cool device, unbelievable image sharpness, unfortunately only a bit loud when used intensively. I could see that the PS4 Pro has a slightly better cooling when it is operated in a standing position instead of lying down. It then ventilates less and more constantly, which reduces the volume of the fan to an acceptable level. I can't really describe the games that go with this PS4 Pro. The only game I use is Mass Effect. But I can recommend this to all science fiction fans. Ingenious space role-playing game which follows on perfectly from the trilogy👍😍

      Confirmed Purchase: Yes | Condition: New

    • Everything great!! To be recommended ☆ \ a small. Note in the margin

      Everything was great as described! only be careful when reinstalling a reset without an original Sony controller // it is not possible to start from the boot / start screen .. to press the home button there is an !! original !! $ ony controller required. /// !!! However, the system is ready to start playing, if you do not insist on a reset etc. you will not have any problems at first .. and the controller also gives you an okay game feeling. So I can only recommend it ...

      Confirmed Purchase: Yes | Item condition: used

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