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Nokia X20 Smartphone Review - Long Warranty and 5G

The Nokia X20 is a mid-range cell phone. It is 5G-capable and for the time being the fastest Nokia smartphone under the new name. If you compare it with the devices of the last generation, you can best describe it as the successor to the Nokia 5.4.

The case is made of plastic on the back, the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. The back is matt and shimmers either bluish or orange, depending on the chosen color. It looks chic, but is not as immune to fingerprints. The chassis is quite stable, but can be easily dented in the middle.

The Nokia X20 is a large, wide and also quite heavy smartphone, so it is less suitable for small hands.

Pure Android 11 without additionally installed apps is installed on the smartphone. What we noticed: There seems to be a bug with the app switcher. From time to time this does not show any apps at all, although they are running in the background. In addition, thumbnails of the apps usually do not load, there are only completely white or black windows.

Nokia is striving to be more sustainable and is therefore leaving the charger out of the box. If you already have a charger at home or need a new one, Nokia has listed exactly on this website which specs you should bring with you. Instead of the charger, you get a cover made of compostable material that protects the smartphone from bumps and thus extends its service life if possible.

Commendably, Nokia also offers a detailed environmental profile of its smartphone on the Internet. There is also a 3-year guarantee and the promise of 3-year software updates so that you can use your smartphone for longer.

The Nokia X20 is a 5G smartphone. Although this is becoming more and more common in the price region around 400 euros, it is not yet a matter of course. WiFi 5, on the other hand, is standard. In our test with the Netgear Nighthawk AX12 reference router, the Nokia X20 proves to be a bit slower than similarly expensive devices.